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Down but looking forward 😀

Diagnosed with RA 2 years ago. Am on mtx injection 20mgs and folic acid. I am nearly 63 and hoped to retire at 60 Work in residential home severe learning disabilities. Very physical job. Will take early retirement in a couple of months. Family not spoken to me for years as I am gay. My partner and I have just split up after 17 years. I don't think she could cope with RA and have drifted apart. We are in a one bed flat which is hard and I'm on the housing list. But could be months until I am rehoused. Have contacted dwp so know what benefits (not bad). Last week diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

Hey ho Need to be positive and look forward to new home and relaxing and starting again 😀

Sorry I I've moaned on

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Not moaning, you've a good deal to contend with.

Hope things improve for you very soon.

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Sounds like you have a plan for ensuring support, despite the lack of family interest.

This is the place to moan, out of all the world. For me, you're just expressing what's going on for you at the moment - not moaning!

Putting your attention on how you are making your situation better is a good strategy. Good luck - although planning helps a lot too! ;-)



You can moan all you like thats why we are all here so we can support each other when ever we need it. I am sorry your going though a load of hard times,but i am sure in time it will get easier. Regarding your rheumy as to see another one for a second opinion.xxxxx


What a pity your family are so blinkered. You are still you, whatever your sexual orientation. I know it's hard, but it might just be worth making the first approach to them again, but keeping yourself armoured in case of rejection. Often it's just as hard for others to admit that they might have been wrong, and attitudes do change over the years.

But at least you have a plan to go on with , so build on that. Perhaps think about what social outlets you might join when you are not so occupied with work and finding somewhere to live.


'A moan a day keeps the misery away [a bit]. So moan on - better out thn in... hope things improve 4u xx


OT as ever a considered thoughtful reply - just wish u lived near me! x


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