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Just reaching out

Hi I'm still feeling newly diagnosed, I'm on meth injections all good but I went off work ILL for a week unrelated to R.A and O.A then I had a week's annual leave, came back to work and the first day my eyes were stinging and blood shot I just wanted to close them, I had no energy, tired even tho I was lying in until 11am and very weepy. I had no idea as to why I felt this way until my other half said it maybe a flare up of R.A. I don't have a clue can someone please help me out with your ideas. Thank you.

Andrea x

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Hiya Andrea. Well feeling so tired & as a result weepy could indicate you're not well enough controlled. What are your blood results like, do they show any improvement or are they level? Assuming you've not been overdoing things on the build up to Christmas you're resting when appropriate aren't you?

Do you have obvious inflammation anywhere? Again this could be an indication you're not well controlled. Do you have a temperature? It's the time of year for nasty bugs & as you've recently been ill your natural defenses could be lowered.

You don't say if you're still on HCQ but when I was taking it I had eye problems, I had to give up on contact lenses because they were so uncomfortable & scratchy despite trying several comfort drops & solutions. My eyes were also light sensitive & I lived in sunglasses.

Or, have work changed air con, whacked the heating up or fresheners released into the air? Each can affect your eyes if they have.

Failing all this best to see your GP or contact your Rheumy nurse, explain as you have here & hopefully something will be considered amiss be it meds or, as you suspect, a flare. I don't always have noticeable inflammation when I flare but a blood test usually shows a rise in ESR & CRP.

Apols for all the questions & I hope you soon feel brighter whatever the reason. Here, have a hug. (x)

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Thank you so much for your reply, had bloods done a week ago apparently all ok. I work as a support worker in the community so it wasn't work related. I'm no longer on HCQ gave me awful heartburn for days. The past 2 days I've had pain in my usual place right hand knuckle, I still feel tired and I do rest a lot so I suppose I'll just keep doing that. X

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Hi Andea,

Sorry to hear that things are a bit rough for you at present. It does sound like a flare to me and I'd definitely be speaking to my GP and/or rheumy about it.

I hope things start looking up for you soon.


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Hi Andrea,I hope you feel better soon and agree with the others about seeking medical advice as you are clearly out of sorts. I just wanted to ask if you have under active thyroid as I experience overwhelming tiredness if my levels change. Sending a hug your way. Xx


Hi - sorry you are feeling so poorly and your eyes are stinging and bloodshot. Bloods don't always reflect active autoimmunity. If I were you I'd see your GP as soon as you can because RA can affect the eyes and also you may have something else going on that needs getting to the bottom of. So trust your symptoms and take yourself to the doctor. Hope things improve very soon.


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