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I haven't been on for a few weeks now as I'm just not sure what is going on......a few weeks ago I wrote a post about my ongoing problems with an infection with no symptoms. I'm about to start my third course of antibiotics. This all came about when I went to my Rheumy nurse to get my first injection of 'gold'. Sample showed a UTI so a course was ordered. Second attempt turned out the same and now I'm on my third course.

The only thing that ever shows me that 'something is going on' is blisters on my lips or in m nose. But this time is really different. I'm sleepy or exhausted most of the time. I have no appetite, no energy, no longing for my favourite things, chocolate, wine, cheese......any food of any kind at all. I make myself eat as I'm an intelligent woman and know that I have to eat. My nourishment for the day is a slice of Bergin bread and usually a time of creamed rice with mandarins oranges, Greek yougart with honey or a bowl of soup. I don't have the energy to actually 'make' anything. It got so bad that I had to send my dogs to my doggy sitter for a few days so that I could rest. I can't say I'm sick but I'm not well either.......I'm just at a loss....

What is going on with me? I've never had this sort of thing before. More woringly though I can feel myself beginning to decline, sinking, curing into a ball, escaping or wanting to escape, disappearing. I know that m physical well being can influence my mental health......but I don't know what is wrong with my physical well being.....I don't have any pain, in fact my RD is sort of dormant at present.....J

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Sounds to me as if you have been fighting for so long your body has decided it needs a rest. You might be depressed, but it may be "normal" for someone who is constantly having to combat disease.


Hi Jean

I can't remember which meds you are on but your immune system sounds like it's taken a beating. It might just be taking you a really long time to recover.

I know it's hard but try to keep eating as it will zap your strength if you won't. Is there anyone near by who can pop out and get something like Complan or Ensure to at least you're getting the nutrients you need.

Here if you want to talk,

Sophie xx

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I had the same sort of thing Jeanabelle. I was working in a school cleaning and had just had a week off for half term so should have been rested when I returned but I felt ill, and like you no symptoms. I asked if I could have a few days off, to which the reply was "We don't usually give time off in term time", but they then asked if I was unwell and I just burst into tears (unlike me) and said I feel ill but I don;t know why. I was given time off but still felt ill and after a few days I went down with sinusitis. Are you on the same antibiotic? The reason asking is I had a UTI and was given antibiotics, but they had sent the sample away and I received a phone call to say after testing I needed a different antibiotic. Apart from being ill the only other time I remember being like you was when my RA was uncontrolled and I would get up and then just after 2 hours being up, an overwhelming fatigue just hit nd I could have faceplanked thef loor and I lost up to 20lbs. Maybe a full check up by GP is needed.


Hi I have a infection , it was only picked up by a blood test. Like you I have no symptoms, but will have to start taking courses of antibiotics. And yes cheese red wine and tuna are to be avoided, though my nurse said I don,t have to cut out all.

The worse part is my pills sufasalizine are not working any more and I can't start biologis until this infection has cleared , so just painkillers.so off to phone rhumy nurse again

Not all bad, because I'm off work and having quality time with my family. Hope your antibiotics are working and your felling better soon. It seems your long haul will finished before mine so I wish you well.


Hi Jean, have you had a blood test since feeling unwell? I get recurring non symptomatic UTIs, the most recent one eventually turned into sepsis and I ended up in hospital for 10 days. I'm not trying to frighten you here as I have other complications, including antibiotic resistance, which means I'm at higher risk of getting sepsis, so I'm not saying that's what you have for a minute, but if you haven't been checked out then it might be a good idea.

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