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Christmas tips??

Christmas tips??

I used to hate Christmas, running around mad, working for a week looking after people, until I got RA and the family stepped in! This got me thinking if best ways to cope over Christmas and if you have any good tips??? I'll start ...( try stop me! )

Use internet shopping.... A lot of things are free delivery and it saves petrol and energy

Order dinner for someone to collect for you! I had m and S last year and it was beautiful, just needed heating, no hours of oeeling with dore writs etc

Have a wrapping day! My friends come over we have tea and biscuits and they wrap as I can't bend or use wrists well, and they enjoy it!!

Rest!!! Just take yourself out for half an hour , it helps restore a bit of energy

Keep hydrated and those on drugs that avoid alcohol just be careful as you can feel very sick if you overdo it!

Get someone artistic to set the table, even ask them to bring the decorations for your Xmas .

Let the others do the washing up and you can do the board games of put on the tv, don't forget you need energy Boxing Day so don't overdo it.

I'm aware this is for people with others coming so if you are on your own get a microwave meal and use paper plates to save washing up and know I will be raising a glass to you all on Xmas day!

Do u agree with these or have better tips? Xxxxxx

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Internet shopping a must. Already booked food delivery for xmas week. Try and wrap presents as they arrive then if the kids do find them they are wrapped although must remember to note what I have wrapped. Its the thinking of an appropriate present that stumps me.

Don't shout at me ... still young enough to go to inlaws for xmas dinner and my parents for the evening so no mass catering for me on the day although of course I help.

Make sure you have enough drugs to see you through the 2 week holiday period including ones that you only use now and again. Check if you next delivery is due over the holiday period and maybe contact them if necessary.


Good point about the drugs, must get that organised!


Hi Allanah

Some good tips already! I too have my food shop already booked online.....little tip, book and check out your shop now with just a few items then add what you need later.....slots book up very quickly.

I would also add to buy yourself something nice too.... We deserve it!......I treated myself to 3 novels to read during quiet times over Christmas break looking forward to Christmas this year as last year I was newly diagnosed and things were not so good ( that's putting it mildly! ) x


Lovely tree Allanah!

Thanks for the tips allanah, farm and beaches. I will see if I can get a delivery slot today. We are keeping it very simple this year, no travelling on Xmas day, Boxing Day as hubbie very tired and I will be recovering from Rituximab. Can't think of any tips to add except we always make enough on Christmas Day so we can have leftovers on Boxing Day and don't have to cook at all. I think the leftover meat, sprouts, chestnuts, tatties all mixed in the frying pan tastes delicious! Num num happy Christmas x x


Thank you all for the brilliant tips. It's cheered me up no end. I love Christmas time but it saddens me when I can't even write a card because of my hands. But we must stay positive. I try to concentrate on what I am able to do, not what I can't do. Have a lovely festive time.


I do most of what has already been said, but go one further and purchase cards, paper, bags one year ahead from on-line. Today I have purchased my cards already for next year!


Your tips are great. On line shopping is sooo helpful. This Christmas is my first with RA and I'm finding that I am having to make quite a few changes. It is hard asking for help but I am making myself do it. Have only 13 coming for lunch this time but all that peeling and chopping of veg was playing on my mind. So trying something new, have asked my grown up children to come round now and prep the veg while I par boil/roast and freeze, hopefully making Xmas day a lot easier! I must remember to mention the washing up on the day!! I think I can just manage to get the games out and play!!! Might be an M&S lunch next time, we'll see how we cope this year! Hope you have a good Xmas. X


Some very good tips. I am working all over Christmas and new year. I have recently been diagnosed with RA In oct so this will be my 1st Christmas so to speak. At the moment I am finding it hard as cannot get much things done as am so tired once I finish work and all I want to do is fall asleep. I have things rushing through my head that I have not done and it's nearly the weekend again! My children are coming the weekend after Christmas for lunch and that will be our Christmas day. But I will use the tip of shopping online. I love Christmas normally. Also good idea about getting all the tablets so have enough through the festive period. Wishing you all a good Christmas and pain free love carol xx


My Daughter is the one with RA has her first rumatolagist appointment on 15th the day after her 40th birthday as most of you can imagine not a good time. Christmas tips take all the help offers you get ,get as much of the veg pre prepared most will come in foil trays just pop in oven, cook meats day before,

On the day take time for yourself infact sort out outfit asap

Book the best seat in the house

Sit back and supervise for the day

Remember you come first


Fab tips! Thanks for sharing!!


Hi Allanah,

Can't agree with you more. Let's hope we all have a good Christmas. Love the tree. X


Hiya thanks got all the replies! Ended up in hospital again, so now adding getting local scouts to deliver Xmas cards for me! X


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