Humira Injection: When I did my bi weekly humira injection this morning, the site bled and now there is a big 2 inch bruise under the skin

It is not sore or anything - does this mean anything? When I injected the window should go yellow, but it did'nt until I took it away, the whole thing just went wrong and I don't know why. Also I have checked if the lot is on the recall list and it is not. Has anyone else on Humira injections ever had this happen? The previous hundreds of injections have gone without incident.

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  • did it go click before injecting. to show effective priming?? as you know not going yellow in the window is sign of uncomplete. injection.. did the volume look normal before injecting?. have a spare pen left from same box? only speaking from technical info which im sure you know!! ring abbott who make humira for advice or speak to rheum dept will try and sort out a link but im not hot on those..

  • maybe speak to rhem nurse.. abbott head office.. in u.s.. that was a bad idea

  • Hi Gina, never had any problems like that when I injected but your best to keep an eye on it and get it checked out if need be. Follow your instincts on this if I were you as you've done so many in the past your instincts on these things can usually be right.

    Always best to get it checked if it doesn't seem right.

    Sorry info not that helpful to you Gina.

    take care and good luck

    Mandy xx

  • Actually Abbott labs are here in Ireland & humira made here in their labs. I don't think I will, because if it did'nt go in, nothing dripped out, and if it did , I can't do another. There is no real way of knowing, it bled which was unusual, and now is bruised. Oh God what to do? Think will let sleeping dogs lie. Alison, my sister asked me where you live exactly to guage can we meet up. so PM me.


  • Replying to myself! just for clarity not sure where Humira made :)

  • Hi , in my experience as a diabetic on 7 injections a day, I very often bruise and this is because of a little bit of blood escaping beneath the skin and this causes the bruise, nothing to worry about.

  • Hi Gina

    I had a bruise (inch) last month, don't normally & thought it odd, but have not had one since. Sometimes I have a spot of blood, sometimes not. Hope this helps.

  • Tia,

    Coincidence! or conspiracy theory! :)

    xxx Gia

  • Sorry Gina. I can't help you but I would say contact nurse and don't get stressed about it. x

  • Checked with rediscover helpline this morn, all ok prob hit a capillary!

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