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Cutlery for Rheumatoid Arthritis


My mum is 87 and also has moderate Alzheimers. I have noticed that using a normal fork and spoon is becoming more difficult.

Can anyone recommend a suitable replacement. Would a curved spoon or fork work well. if so are there any good ones on the market.

Would this be good?

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It really depends what suits her best. My mum preferred the fat handled range, and I know other people who prefer kids cutlery as their problem is that the fork or spoon bit is too big for their mouth. However, wedid try to provide as much food as possible that she could eat with her hands as that avoided the problem entirely!

You can look at ones they have for sale in mobility shops . I saw some in shops yesterday when I was looking at scooters. occupational therapist would be able to advice n probably provide.

You can but on line too

Hi, my husband kindly brought me the push on fat rubber handles that go on all cutlery so you can take them out with you. I think he got them off amazon. Serch for aids to help with eating. Hope this helps. I shall see if i can find the website for you . Alison x

Mobility Choices

This was the website. Alison x

also check out the altzehimers society as they have advice for people with the disease who are having issues with eating it may not simply be a case of changing cutlery.


Thanks for your replies. It is more for the rheumatoid arthritis than the Alzheimers. I have found a local mobility shop that has a few different to find the right one.

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