Johnny home!!!

halloo to one and all, well I feel sufficiently recovered to say I am back, I had a massive infection, which required brief soujon to the local hospital. No unlike Denzel I wasn't given a bell to ring, and shout UNCLEAN!!

so after being shot up with massive amounts of antibiotics,and 7 days of intravenous treatment and tablets I am still taking the last lot!

Not sure if the mtx didn't let something spin out, but I am off mtx for the next week or so. Rheumy nurse wants me to have bloods next week to see if I can go back on it. I realize that the mtx must be working because with out it life has become a lot harder. thanks you one and all for kinds words and thoughts.

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  • Pleased to hear that Craig. I hope it's not left a lasting impression! Did they reveal what had got hold? My f-i-l was discharged just last week after nearly a fortnight in isolation on IV antibiotics but they weren't able to tell us just what for. He'd had campylobacter the month before so guess it was that which hadn't been completely seen off by oral antibiotics. What surprised me was that he wasn't retested once he'd finished the course so how were we to be sure they'd worked?

    Hope you get the ok to restart MTX next week & trust you're being well & truly spoilt! ;)

  • Hi, no they could not pin it down,despite numerous blood test,every 4hrs for a couple of days. I felt slightly off colour on my Mtx day,but didnt think it would cause such a major problem. Next time I will skip the jab!! Hindsight is great teacher lol.

    Hope Your FiL is on the road to full recovery . warmest Craig

  • I don't get it in this day & age, do you? Def listen to your body next time, we've been on it long enough to know whether to inject when not tickety boo. Thanks for that, F-i-l is has heart disease & too poorly even before this latest hospital stay for the op needed so we thought this would finish him off but he's proving us all wrong! Take care.

  • Thinking of you too nmhx

  • Thanks E. You any better? x

  • Nah too many infections so off Ritux . Now on plaquenil twice a day and sulphasalazine and steroids. Starting Toxi...mab soon and having immunology tests x

  • Oh no, isn't it a pain, I hope things remain calm until you can start TCZ. Keep us updated 're the tests. x

  • Hi Craig good to see your on the recovery route , just another minor mishap us RA s have to put up with

  • So glad you are ok ! Bleeding annoying tho if you get infections. I've just been taken off rituximab because of that , doh !

    Rest up and recover now and maybe tell your Rheumy helpline as you might want to talk to Rheumy about doses of drugs etc?

    However hopefully it was a one off thing! Do you get a flu jab?

  • hi yes had flu jab in september ,was slightly annoying to get this thing!But I have learnt if I have so much as a sniffle steer clear of the MTX as I am pretty sure it let what was possible a minor infection, go completely berserk.

    Thank you and everyone else for their message of support. xxx

  • So glad your still with us and your recovering nicely darling.xxxxx

  • Glad you are starting to feel better

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