RA on Humira and Otezla / Sick for 2 months or more

RA on Humira and Otezla / Sick for 2 months or more

I haven't taken any meds several months now . Been on Antibiotics two different kinds . I have a Huge Tonsil and swollen pallet , gums around the back of my throat too . Just can't feel better . I am Starting to think that my White cell count being down is has made it this way . The only thing is that I just can't kick this ... 😬 Any advice ?? Been to the doctor twice

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  • Hi SandysOk,

    sorry to hear that you are feeling so unwell at the moment. Otezla is used to treat PsA and psoriasis amongst other things. Is that what you have?

    Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

  • Thanks for The Reply Beverly ... ❤️😬 I am not one really to talk a lot about my illnesses . But , I felt this was a Good place to be due to my feelings about my Conditions . I have tested positive almost 9 years ago with R.A . I started seeing an Immunologist just 3 years now . He has also diagnosed me with P. A. . I have so many issues with my skin mainly hands and also boils in my inner thighs and arm pits . Therefore ... He started giving injections of depomedral and b 12 in my joints and now Humira just over a year . Otezla came the beginning of last year . I don't like any of my side effects from the Otezla . So he stopped it and Started Humira 40 mg injection . Just over a year and I seem to stay sick . I have stopped my Humira since being ill for several months now . Not Sure What Else I can take . I will be seeing him again the beginning of the month . Feeling Somewhat better . But , Keeping healthy is very very hard to do . 😬😬

  • That sounds awful Sandy, I hope that when you see your rheumatologist they can give you something else. Humira is not the only biologic DMARD and sometimes, as with the standard DMARDs, it can be a bit of trial and error to find the right biologic. Fingers crossed for you and I hope you feel better soon.


  • Sorry I'm not able to help - And I am so sorry that you are feeling bad...

  • Hiya Sandy. Sounds as though the antibiotics aren't clearing whatever's ailing you. When you say the doctor do you mean your GP or your Rheumy? I'm sorry I don't know a lot about biologics but if you're thinking it's possibly down to your white bc's being affected maybe the original prescriber is the one you need to consult.

    I hope it's a simple cause & you've no need to worry. Take care.

  • Rheumy ... sorry for not being specific . I don't usually tell people in details about my illnesses . But , it's getting harder and harder to stay healthy on Humira . It has helped my Sed rate and My boil issues . I am diagnosed with both RA and PA . Ugghh . Thank You for the reply back . Yeah ... I can't take Z PAC either due to counter action with my other meds . Geez ... Hope You are having a Nice October

  • You're quite safe here Sandy, we understand how it is to live with these conditions & never consider anyone being a moaner so do please feel free to ask for experience, offload or just natter at us when the mood takes you, do remember though that we're not medically qualified so anything we mention is personal experience. I hope your Rheumy will be able to throw some light on why you're feeling as you are, it's good you have an appointment relatively soon.

    We're not having bad weather for October, lovely blue skies so that lifts the spirits. Hope you are too. x

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