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Humira I just keep needing Humira, or Humira where for out thee Humira

Sorry but I do live in the Bards town of Stratford on Avon.

I was complaining very unlike me, because the Humira wasn't working so well, I have been having the injection weekly since last October. previous it was fortnightly but only lasting 10 days, This is now March and I am Humira deprived as I'm growing the WBC's for an op on the 31/03 and I'm rough pain, fatigued, cramped. pain, hot joints, fatigued. I know I know same old same old.

But does this mean the Humira was working properly but I just needed it weekly not fortnightly.

Anyone else out there in the big RA world do you do the same. Are you on more than the normal prescribed dose of anti TNF

gentle hugs from a doped up

Tricia x

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Hi Tricia,

If I remember right I was on Enbrel and Humira jabs weekly, and the infliximab infusion every 8 weeks but that didn't last long as I had a reaction to it.

Sorry, can't remember much more than that. On Rituximab now and that's an infusion about every 6mths or so.

Wish I could help more, hope you get sorted soon.

Take care

mand xx


I love my Humira! I hope it works forever, on it a year now. I only do my injection every 2nd week, maybe its a higher dose...... just popped to fridge to look its 40mg, what is yours?


hi Gina

mine is 40mg as well, but it just didn't last 14 days I would hang around the fridge like a junkie waiting till Thursday, i was also naughty and took it earlier then had longer to waid doh! stupid. then rheumy put me on fortnightly. I hope this gets sorted after the hand.




hope you get sorted xx,havent had the chance of the good stuff...., may be after your op they can review your dose or change to another ant tnf. Cold turkey is bad, I was shaking with pain before my endo..., had bumped down the steroids on a rapid reducing dose On a 2 to 3 day downer had got to 5 0r 10MG before procedure, but then spent most of the day in pain, then falling asleep no steroids, back on 20MG now much better


Hi Ali

I went cold turkey last year just to see what my pain levels were, I was using durogesic 1 x 100mcg and 1x 50. I just didn't put them on. Well I didn't see spiders but I pretty much nearly killed myself so the GP said.

The pain ws still there so after a week i put them back on. lol

I'm sure this illness corrupts the brain cells.

I'm glad your feeling better as well, when will you hear about the endo?



think it was ok! he drew a pic with some narrowing between thing and stomach but he thinks problem is more bowel, just picked up prescription for more steroids, bloods and urine from first gold injection came back ok going to try go back to work in about a week xx


good luck but do it slowly, do what they call a phased return to work ask your GP to sign your sick note that way.



I was on Humira but consultant changed me to Enbrel as Humira not working as well as it should have been and I was still getting bad flare ups. I had fortnightly injections but with the Enbrel now on weekly injections. Does anyone else find that very hot weather is as bad as very cold weather for the joints? Or is it just me and I am odd. Lavendar Lady


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