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Another Specialist! Blahhhhhhh

So after having another parathyroid scan and finding nothing to explain my continually high parathyroid levels I am being sent to en Endocrinologist to be poked and prodded some more. so now that makes, rheumy, gastro for the now permanent liver damage, cardiologist for the wpw and Afib and blood clots, orthopedic surgeon, plastic surgeon for hands and respiratory dr for sleep aponea and the frequent GP visits, oh yeah and ophthalmologist for the eyes. My only fear is that they will want to do a bone marrow test and I have managed to escape that so far. I know work is going to love me taking more time off to see yet another Dr. aghhhhhhh

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This sounds horribly familiar! I can now say I "have" a gastroenterologist, a neurologist a rheumatologist, a hearing guy (what do you call those guys?) and am off for first visit to a haematologist tomorrow. How did this happen to me? I feel like that Talking Heads song: "this is not my beautiful house, this is not my beautiful wife. My God how did I get here?"


Hahah I know how you feel. The Neurologist told me there was no more he could do for me as I wouldn't take his horrid Lyrica or Endep. So I have to wait until my arms are permanently numb then he will consider surgery to fix my decaying discs in my neck. This is soooo not my beautiful life.


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