Posture/Gait specialist - recommendations & advice pleeaasse :)

Hi everyone. It's been a while since I posted anything, but I'm hoping to have some advice. I've been trying to resolve an issue with rotation of my ankle, which is causing me pain when standing, walking etc. as a result of long term damage of late on-set JIA (RA now). In a nutshell, the NHS route is not working out and I am looking at going private in central London area. I'd be grateful for any advice or recommendations which anyone may be able to offer me? The NHS trust I am under is not very accommodating/understanding to the fact that I work full time and that for me to attend appointments, I have a 30 mile round trip plus rely on my husband (who also works full time) to take me. The appointment dates/times they have offered are not suitable, but instead of arranging this with me over the telephone, they write out with no discussion! I wasn't able to attend the second offering due to another medical appointment the same date/time and now they are threatening to discharge me - it's like talking to a brick wall. This is why I am looking to go private - less stress, less waiting time and I can plan it around work etc. My posture is not great so I'm looking for a place which can do orthotics and specialise in posture/gait/podiatry. Any ideas? Hoping someone can point me in the right direction other than Google :)!

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  • Hi freesthomas,

    I recently wasted £350 for orthotics I cannot wear without causing more problems than they solve. I went to a reputable orthotist who I had seen some years earlier before being diagnosed with RD. He said if The orthotics didn't work , and my hospital would not refer me, it would be worth seeing a consultant podiatrist, who he said was the best in his field, and recommended someone who is an NHS London consultant as well as treating patients in a couple of private hospitals in Essex and having his own clinic in central London. I have no personal experience and am not a share holder! I can send a private email if it helps give you something to compare with other hospitals or clinics you have already seen.


  • Hi Birthdaygirl.

    Thank you for the reply. It's a bit of a gamble going private unless you know for certain if somewhere is reputable and good. I suppose it can vary person to person to, depending on whether they have relatively straightforward issues. I have found over the years that I am not what they would class as straightforward!! Probably due to the fact I wasn't diagnosed for 10 years by which time a lot of damage has occured. Onwards and upwards as they say :) Trying to throw myself into getting better in 2016! If you could send me a private email - I would be really grateful. It'll be a good starting point for me and my research....How do I go about getting it to you?

    Fiona xx

  • Hiya

    I will email through the HU site. Never done it before so hopefully it will work.


  • You could ring your nearest private hospital, and ask them. I'm in Medway and the Alexandra is very good. I think I'd ask for advice as I've been seen privately and they are always helpful and the diagnosis I needed orthotics by the NHS was not correct. In the private MRI it showed I had Nuroma's and they have been removed twice. Not sure that helps but I really hope you can get some help soon.

  • Hello medway-lady. Thank you for the advice. That's a good idea, I will find out about my nearest private hospital and ask them too. The main reason why I mentioned London is because I'm there every other month and I know there would be more choice. I will do a fair bit of research before committing because I don't want it to be a costly mistake. Sounds like you had a good experience and I'm guessing having the surgery has helped you? I'm hoping there'll be no surgery involved for me as I'm seriously needle phoebic 😬💉. I know I will probably need a really decent orthotic which will hopefully help to re-align my posture and help support the arch of my foot. I will keep everyone updated as you never know if it'll help others who may be experiencing similar issues.

    Best wishes

    Fiona xx

  • I was told I needed an orthotic it made the problem much much worse. I hobbled in tears out of the local hospital and my husband (we have insurance ) was cross as I did not use it in the belief that it the podiatrist knew what he was doing. Went private and saw a surgeon who said 'you're right throw these away you have neuroma's" nothing wrong with your arches they have not dropped, no flat feet etc. But surgery is the only solution as the neuroma is too big now to be treated by injection. Honestly it was done under a general and it was great as pain free for a couple of years then it regrew so injected until it had to be removed again.It is the only solution but I am pain free now.

  • Check that your gait isn't down to being vitamin D deficient freesthomas?

    Gait and adult rickets (bowed legs) can be down to a vitamin D deficiency.

    Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin and 85% of us here in UK are either low or deficient in their vitamin D blood levels.

    I take a high, but safe dose of 5000iu D3.

    Also check out

    (for information and safe up to date doses of vitamin D.)

  • Hello... Ah, thank you for your advice. I must confess that I'm not the best on remembering to take my calcium and Vit D supplements. I will definitely make it my mission to take these from here on in even if it's not that which is affecting me. Thank you so much 😌 - that's really good advice.....

    Fiona x

  • Worth taking even if it doesn't solve the problem, also check out your vitamin B12 levels too as B12 deficiency can affect the spine right down to the feet aparently.

    Make sure you take a good (high, but safe,) dose though freesthomas. :)

  • Definitely... I was prescribed them as they said I had osteopenia and was prescribed alendronic acid too (which I do take every week without fail)... I was so good health wise until I turned 14. Just hate popping pills, but that's how it has to be. Thank you for your help 😊 X

  • Good to hear you are on top of it all freesthomas. :)

  • The London Bridge Hospital (HCA healthcare) has a really strong rheumatology service. Might be worth giving them a call.

  • Hi earthwitch! Thank you for the advice. Have you had personal experience with them or know of people who have? I plan on doing a fair amount of research before committing. 😊

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