Leg vein problems

Hi, does anyone know whether having RA has any connection with leg vein problems? I've been getting weird pains in backs of thighs and knees for ages, now at the backs of my knees I see big blue veins, or what look like veins. I also seem to have tiny spider veins more and more. Have seronegative RA. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!

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  • Hi-- I have developed lots of broken veins around my ankles since having RD-- oh the joys ☺x

  • Yeah - innit wonderful! Always something new to worry about /deal with! I've just never thought varicose veins (if that's what I've got) might be linked to RA.

  • Could it just be coincidental? They can be age related, so appear more as you get older. Also weight & lack of exercise can encourage them.

    But always worth asking your GP to look at them/you to rule out any circulation problems.

  • Thanks Helixhelix- yes, that makes sense because of age plus my feet can go from boiling hot to cold and blue in minutes! Will def get it checked out, thanks again. S.

  • I've had visible veins in my feet and knees for some time. Put it down to the inflammation caused by the RA. However, I've recently been told after a (thankfully) negative scan for a DVT (when my right leg swelled up badly) that I do have varicose veins in the right groin area, but to be honest the veins are visible on both sides and no sign of varicose veins on the left side. I'd agree its probably a circulation issue linked to inflammation so worth getting checked out.

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