Does diet affect your RA?

Since having to come off Cimzia I have found that certains food now even more than before affect my joints. The main problem seems to be my knees. I am 5.6 and 10 stone but my knees are so swollen I look so over weight does that make sense? I am finding wheat sets me off the most... I would be very interested to hear if any off you have done any special RA food diets... I really need help here I have hardly slept. Due to the pain willing to try anything.

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  • I have had JIA for thirty years and have noticed that if I eat lots of acidic foods, it does aggravate my symptoms. So now I avoid tomatoes, pineapple juice etc - it may be worth a try. Hope you feel better soon. x

  • Have you noticed any difference if you cut out wheat?

  • Hi, I am a huge believer in diet. Since I started on medications in January this year I have also been on a strict diet, fruit, veggies, rice and no processed foods. Plus 45 mins exercise daily. I am now off two of the medications and hoping to reduce my MTX. Would fefinately recommend it, r

  • I am a member on the APS website as well as this one,as I have APS and lots of people there are on gluten free diets.

    Apparently lots of auto immune diseases are aggravated by gluten

  • Similarly to RayC1, when I was diagnosed with RA at 29yrs if age, I decided to try being a strict Vegan to assist with the symptoms. Almost 12months down the line, I now feel I have more control and my flare ups are so so rare. I have additionally found that foods such as Tomoatoes and strawberry's also cause me to ache more than usual too, so avoid these.

  • Have a look on the NRAS website and on Arthritis Care. There is quite a lot on diet and what difference it might make.

    You need to be careful not to cut out things that you need and have a well balanced diet. It is all too easy with a variable condition like RA to blame a flare-up on something when it may just be chance. But for some people avoiding certain foods seems to help.

  • Totally agree thanks for the reply

  • Wheat and white flour and an excess of sugar are my RA's enemies and so is alcohol but I rarely drink.

  • I found red wine helped me but now I am on GABAPENTIN can't drink I have cut out wheat now I can't eat found how much I actually did! White flour will keep an eye out for thank you x

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