Well embarrassing moment today

Took the family to my nans for our weekly visit today, everything was honky dory til I decided to refill the kettle to make drinks when BAM!!! Lost all function in my hands and dropped the kettle spilling water everywhere and then realised that the kettle now is leaking :-(. It's not the first time I've dropped anything but was the first time in front of others besides my wife and kids as my mum and aunty were also there. I beat myself up over it cause I'm not used to things like that happening, the last thing I dropped was my dogs food bowl but that was months ago but since the incident earlier my hands have swelled up again and my grip seems to have gotten worse :-(.

Sorry for the long post and hope others have had a better day :-)

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  • Oh no ! Hope you are ok ! My lot just laugh now . Have s word with the OT as they have lots of bits and bobs that help you( and save face!)

  • Yeah luckily it was cold water and just boiled. Just felt bad cause my aunt had to clean up the mess cause I couldn't move my fingers but they just laughed it off cause my nans riddled with arthritis and she's dropped things as well

  • Well at least it wasn't my champagne!!! Lol X the tho he we put up with!

    I felt like a band trying to see something yesterday for the first time on ages .... Nope that didn't work ! Eyes rubbish close up and hands sore! X

  • My hands are unreliable too...I'v treated (?) myself to a water boiler...I fill it using a plastic jug & you just press a button to get boiling water. I got it from Coopers Catalogue & it's so useful on really bad hand days!

    Hope your hands ease up soon.

  • I've got one of those too - best purchase ever! M x

  • With Winter coming on I've got one for my bedroom too........saves trips downstairs on those nights you can't sleep & for the early morning cuppa!

    Extravagant? Moi?

  • Thanking you muchly :-)

  • I just looked on Coopers web site & it said "sold out" look on Amazon ...they have it in black for £7 cheaper than Coopers!

  • I don't cook nowadays due to my hands so i feel for you darling.xxx

  • I get occasional muscles spasms in my shoulder which can lead to spectacular spillages of drinks!😳

  • Out of everything I have dropped I've only broken 2 things 1. My nans kettle and 2. My slipknot (band) mug I got for Xmas. Otherwise it tends to be dog food everywhere, sugar from canisters and cutlery

  • I do find I have to time my spoons of coffee from caddy to cup, unless I want very weak coffee 😂 Luckily I don't take sugar 😊

  • I've just ordered a light (1kg) kettle for click and collect having had a similar difficulty yesterday. I'm going to be alone for nearly 2 days next weekend and had a trial run yesterday and discovered one or two obstacles to avoid. Hope the new kettle is good. I'm not sure if the filling solution would work for me as it was pouring hot water that troubled me.

    Does anyone have a good light kettle they can recommend?

  • I've got the Lakeland 500ml travel kettle (4th down on the Amazon link Kai posted below)

    It's very lightweight and so far reliable. Had it about 6 months and it started off as a temporary kettle but it has replaced our regular kettle now as I don't have room for both on worktop. Holds enough for one or two cuppas and quite quick to boil.

  • Yes cathie, posted below as I can't seem to reply to you personally in this thread. It may be me (brain fog!) :-)

  • Thanks! Brain fog is such a familiar thing.

    Thanks for the kettle suggestion. Having (only a bit) more money than sense I've ordered a Blumenthal kettle to be delivered this afternoon. Its nearly a kg lighter than my present one and looks nice. I'm a sucker for design I'll report on this later, but think that it probably isnt worth the extra.

  • Thank God you were refilling the kettle! It could of been a horrible story if the kettle was full of boiling water.

    There are products that can help you with simple tasks like opening jars, lifting things off the ground etc. Ask your GP for a referral to an occupational therapist.

  • Well my new kettle has arrived. A blumenthal compact kettle. Nice shape, glass jug so you can watch the water boiling :-). its expensive but much easier on my hands than the one we had. Wouldnt want to drop it though. I'm not the most practical person always but I like things that look nice.

  • Hello, bless you. It happens to everyone, and if the boot was on the other foot, you'd not see it as a big deal. Hubby has RA not me. Could have been a lot worse, could have been my kettle lol x

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