Cateracts Surgery

Hi Guys, just had left eye done, I didn't realise how bad my eyes are since getting the dreaded R.A. I know eye surgery carries some risk but the next day when I took the patch off I couldn't believe the difference.

I've had my prescription sunglasses changed so the plain lense is in the left and my vision is near perfect I'm looking forward ro the other eye being done.

Another subject ( sorry) im on Humira but a find the effect isn't lasting more then 8 days, I've been injecting for just about a year ,is this normal?

It's a while since I posted but I read your posts every day and post replies.

Let's hope this new facility in Kings Cross helps to develope some help and relief for all the people that are suffering all the nasty diseases that life can inflict.

Ps just watching Stoke Manderville launch for para Olympics.

Kind Regards and thanks for all the positive messages Mike

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I was on Humira for about 4 years when it stopped working for me, the fact it is only working for about 8 days doesn't seem right to me. It might be worth talking to your biologics nurse or rheumatologist as it might not be the right one for your arthritis. It was never as effective for me ad Enbrel was but then that stopped working for me after 2 1/2 years. My immune system built up a tolerance to the anti TNF drugs. I'm now on tocilizumab which blocks the IL6 protein from causing inflammation. They tell me my body can't build immunity against this one. I'm hoping it will last a lot longer. I hope this helps. Ruth


I've got cataracts as well and I'm going to see my go about getting them done because my eyes have definitely got worse since I contracted RA


Dear Mike, thank you for this information and the positive outcome. 🎉💐 My apprehension at the possibility of having to undergo this surgery has been allayed.

My eye sight is getting worse especially in the evening/night when I'm tired. I do go for regular eye checks because of being on Hydroxychloroquine.

Can anyone tell me if my dodgy eyesight is due to natural aging ( I'm 61) or the inflammatory arthritis?

Many thanks in advance. Love and light to you all. 🤓🤓😎😎🤗🤗

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Wonderful news about your surgery, im sure your story will inspire anyone in doubt about the op. Cant help with Humira im afraid, they tried Cymcia and Etanercept on me but unfortunately i rejected both on 2nd dose. Hope you get more lasting relief.


Hello I am really glad that your eye surgery has been successful.My sister has had an eye done this week and also says that the difference is remarkable.My sister paid nearly 6k for the surgery.It is only when you are severely affected that the NHS will do it.As I have oneverybad eye I cannot be referred at present.I have to have two very bad eyes! My optician was apologetic and said it could be done at once privately.As the benefits of surgery are immediate and uplifting especially for people with long term issues-perhaps we should campaign for cataract surgery for all-regardless of income. Best Wishes for the other eye!.


Can't say anything about Humira, but cataracts yes. Wow, what a difference getting my eyes done made. The green seemed so much greener, like you I hadn't realised how bad my eyes had got. Good luck for the future xx


hi cagsie i have cataracts on both eyes and i am short sighted are you awake for the operation please i live in the uk very nervious .


I have had both done, one privately as I was practically blind overnight. As I live in a very rural area I needed to drive. Yes you are awake throughout, my biggest worry was I would see the instruments coming at me and jump. You really see nothing but light, there is no pain at all. Plenty of drops are put in your eye before and during the operation. Later in the day your eye feels very gritty but the drops you put in ease that. So worth getting done, if I could have waited I would have got both done on the NHS and saved £2500, but live alone and isolated, didn't want to rely on family. I was scared but afterwards wondered why I had got myself so worked up. I later found out so many people I know had had it done with no problems. I wish you all the best, good luck xx


Completely agree re the benefits after cataract surgery. Has anyone suggested that the onset of lens fogging is associated with any of the RA drugs? - or Tinnitus, come to that?


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