Rashes, blotchy hands and swelling

Rashes, blotchy hands and swelling

Hi all, bit of minor post. I've noticed over the last few weeks I keep breaking out in random rashes, not sure why but it's something new. My palms have been getting really warm and blotchy for some reason and something which I've had for a little while now is very uncomfortable swelling around my left kidney area. Seeing GP on 10th and have a lovely list to go through with her lol. Just been noticing odd things going on with my body that I've not experienced before and I haven't heard anything from the hospital about the bloods I had done when I seen rheumatologist.

Hope all are doing well :-)

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  • Ive been through all these and multiple others and have always put them all down to med reactions to the cocktail of contaminants they pour into me on a daily basis, ive had symptoms that occur randomly, some that occur once only (so far! but tomorrow is another day) and others that appear on a fairly routine basis. My Rheumy nurse and consultant both say ignore them lije you would a sniffle, i was told unless the symptoms are extreme or concerning they are all considered "normal for RA patients during treatment". Some things like hives and the mad itching rash which has had me close to insanity 3 times as its like being rolled in fibreglass insulation definately register as concerning but most i have found i register but ignore. HOWEVER 3 times i have started feeling weird and been certain that ive been becoming unwell, each time has been a serious drug reaction after 2 or 3rd dose of a bio therapy and i have been blue lighted to resuss with anaphalaxis/adrenalin criscis and then become aware of where i was. But i have to state my reactions have been and are very very unusual and extreme, however if you read the warnings on Cymzia and Etanercept etc you should be aware that it can happen. Hope this helps to re assure you but if you are worried about any symptoms you get seek assistance and get advice, no 2 people re act the same to anything, especially potent medications.

  • Hi thanks for reply. I'm not on any medication as I'm still waiting on test results for a diagnosis

  • In that case it may well be that i have been unfairly blaming some of my symptoms on meds that perhaps are side affects of rheumatoid arthritis, that just goes to show how you can learn new things about this disease after 5 years. Well all of those symptoms have certainly happened to me and to many others from what i have read and my advice was do nothing unless they become extreme. One thing for certain is the extreme reactions i experienced were definately caused by rejection of the hard medications, so for the time being you dont have those to worry about.

  • Not sure. .can you take photos to show your doctor. Sods law they will be gone when you see doctor. Or maybe email them to hospital doctors.

  • Hi, I've taken photos of the rashes and palms. Seeing GP on 10th October so going to show her then hopefully after my ultrasound on hands I'll see rheumatologist again so I can show him

  • Rashes is absolutely one of the questions the Rheumatologist will ask you about Ray.

    It could be an indication of Psoriatic Arthritis.

    Good idea to keep that list , any swelling anywhere is important to report and night sweats too.

    All the best to you, I really, really do sympathise with what you are suffering.


  • Hi Ray

    I am sorry that you are having such a tough time at the moment and hope that soon you are able to get some answers. The diagnosis of RA can be quite difficult and is usually determined by looking at several things including blood tests, imaging (x-ray/ultrasound, mri) a physical examination by the consultant as well as, very importantly, your history. It is therefore very important to document your symptoms. It is also good to look at the levels of fatigue, pain, stiffness as all of this information is important in getting an accurate picture to enable the consultant to determine a diagnosis and, even then, it may be that things are still not clear and that it is only with time that a confirmed diagnosis can be made. I think that the information on this link may be helpful in preparing for your next rheumatology appointment - nras.org.uk/the-patient-jou.... If you would like to chat things through then please do not hesitate to call the NRAS helpline on 0800 298 7650, our lines are open from 9.30- 4.30 Monday to Friday.

    Best wishes


  • Hi the link in message doesn't work. I know it's going to take a long time to get any answers I'm just at the point now I want to know now lol, it's been going on for a year December and in the last few weeks it feels like it's getting worse. I've got a gut feeling the ultrasound on the 3rd isn't going to show anything then it's back to being at square one lol. Thanks a lot for your reply as well :-)

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