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How does brain for affect you ?

I was reading the children’s bed time story last night, and was made to feel like a fool, danger such a simple word became banger, I then asked my son who Banger was, it took a few moments of my looking at the word for it to register in my foggy brain what the word was, my husband then collapsed in fits of giggles as did my children they are 4 and 5 years old, I felt such a fool I blushed does anyone else suffer the funny side of brain fog?

PS: it did make me laugh even know when I think about it. Becky

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I find my concentration is dreadful since starting mtx. When I come on here I read some of the blogs and try to comment but my mind just gets tired too quickly. I find the longer blogs daunting and just can't summon up the energy to read them. So well done on your mini question as my fuddled foggy brain coped just dandy x x


Even before RA (and the meds .............. I blame the meds) my girls laughed when they were young as I always 'spoonered' 'multi story car park' to 'multi cory star park'!

Youngest daughter has recently had a baby and the other day she informed me that "I wouldn't mind Mum but you never get back what you had before 'baby brain' " ...... OK, so that was why I managed to work full time as a secretary again after I had my girls!

I wish I could have seen my face !!!

Judi xxxxxxxxxxxxx


my mind is always in a fog. I always find that when I write in rhyme my words get so confused.

The confabulation is always a source of amusement in my house.

Well I say I takes a brave person who can laugh at ones self.

Rest, take it easy and keep rambling....



I hate the brain fog. It's the thing that has caused me most problems, especially with work.

Last week I was explaining to my daughter that the horses' passwords were stored in the filing cabinet. Er, mum, they can't log on to computers, their hooves are all wrong. I think you might mean their passports. Good job one of us in this family still has some faculties.

Dotty x


I don't think this is necessarily RA - I don't really have brain fog unless I've had an especially bad night or have taken an extra Amitryptiline or something - although I'm aware that others here to complain of this symptom. I think having young kids addles the brain and hormones contribute but there are other conditions such as Fibromyalgia which apparently cause more extreme brain fog than RA does. I believe you are undiagnosed as yet so it maybe worth looking at other related conditions rather than just assuming it's part of RA? Tilda x


Haha, I've loved this conversation because I've done it twice very recently with people other than my family, who usually roll about laughing at something I have said..

I have just had an op on my hand and was sent to see Mr Clay but he wasnt available for 6 weeks. Things were detreriating quickly, I couldnt wait that long. I had to go private because timing was desparate. So I got appointment with Mr Morris. While I was in hospital the nurse asked who I would have seen on the NHS, I told her Mr Hand. (I knew it was a short name and all I was thinking about was hands) (bet she though "we got a right one here")

So the other day I go to a Dr in my surgery because I have a bit of infection in the scar. I'm seeing Dr Murphey. While hes examiniing me he askes who did the op. I say Mr Murphey. Looking now at my notes, he says "ah yes. Mr Morris" with a grin on his face. Only then did I realise what I had said. (well I was thinking doctors and I know I had to remember who I was seeing in the surgery. Then I knew the Surgons name began with M so Murphey was what came out of my mouth.

Well it made me laugh


Hello..This has happened to me recently and it gave me a fright. Usually on MTX day my brain feels slow and my words get fuddled up. My girls laughed when I come out with wild words..I have RA and was diagnosed by my consultant. I hope it doesn't affect my studies so get my husband to check my assignments in case I have included some gibberish. take car :D


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