Aching ribs?

Hi, I was wondering does anyone have an experience of tender ribs and an aching diaphragm? I have had horrible back ache for years now but have noticed these past few months that my ribs are getting tender to touch and the knawing back ache is now under my rib cage, it's driving me mad particularly in the evenings. Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated x

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sounds a bit like costachondritis its where the ends of the ribs get inflamed by the ra unfortunately the treatment is anti-inflamm tablets which most of us have already. Ive had it about 5 or 6 times.


It maybe possible you have Costochondritis you can get this with RA but also if you don't have it its where the cartilage between the ribs can become inflamed: Here is a link to the NHS website : .

Taking anti-inflammatories and using hot and cold packs may help. You may want to visit your GP or speak to your rheumatology team about this . Physiotherapy and gentle stretching exercises may also help alleviate the pain.


As has already been suggested it does sound like costochondritis. It can be very painful, my h has had it as a result of his sternum being unstable following an ops. A couple of weeks worth of oral steroids eased it enough to be more comfortable. Definitely worth bringing up with your GP, Rheumy or nurse.

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Its most probably muscular.


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