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Sorry - another silly question from me - OA

Herbedean nodes (bony lumps like peas) are growing at rate of knots just now in all my DIP joints. Husband was startled by the speed of growth of them when holding my hand just now. They ache. They seem much more tender and have grown even bigger (or so it feels) since I came off MTX 3 weeks ago. They certainly arrived after RA started and my parents didn't have them. Is this just coincidence? My hands ache and I find their presence very depressing. Any one else got these and thoughts about why they hurt more off MTX?

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Tilda, I'm no expert, but would imagine that as you'd said before that your fingers were getting sore and swollen again, that this is maybe exerting pressure on your nodules and making them appear more pronounced and painful.

Just a thought.

Carolyn x


Don't know but I know they worse when your osteoarthritis worsens and menopause times?


Hmmm but I'm post meno (came early!) and seems bit of a coincidence to me that it arrives after RA - is sufficiently aggressive that even the physio and radiographer mention it with raised eyebrows and worsens when I'm off my RA drugs? Xx


Mmm I have lumpy knuckles. But I'm not sure they are nodes . They feel like like little 'pea rocks' but they appear to be the joints and tendons themselves rather than bone - even though they feel boney and the hand therapist thought they were bone growths .but, i think maybe tendons afterall think because the rheumy said it was inflammation and after my last steroid jab they reduced. Sorry I don' t have Any info , just thought I,d share x


Thanks - I have two larger hard knuckles too (MCP joints) and the rheumy told me that they represented my active RA inflammation in January. The knuckles are where RA usually resides in the hand. DIP joints are the ones closest to the finger nails and they are OA I'm told. When's RA was diagnosed my knuckles and tendons plus middle finger joints were hot and puffy and bruised and hurt like they had been broken. These OA lumps are more like peas and if you look up pics of OA on hands that's what it looks like. It did hurt when forming but not like fractures. Then they all settled down but now they are red and sore again so its making me wonder? Could yours be RA nodules perhaps? Tilda x


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