Good morning everyone, I have been on MTX injections for almost 18 months with increasing side effects like nausea, mouth ulcers and headaches and no relief from pain and with joints gradually getting worse. I have now got this horrible pain under my ribs on the right side and through to my back. It hurts when I drink or eat and the only way the pain stops is if I keep burping. Could this be the MTX ? I have a Rheumy appointment in a couple of weeks and I will be asking if it's time to try a different drug. I am waiting to have surgery on my left wrist at the moment so don't need anymore problems. Any advice would be appreciated. xx


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  • It could be costochronditis (excuse the spelling) which is pain round the chest area. I would ring your rheumy and see your gp as there is something that needs looking at.xxxxx

  • Thanks Sylvi, I hope your feeling a bit better xx

  • Sadly i am not and the infusion i am waiting on is slow in coming on the 19th of this month. I just hope it works,i don't know what i will do if it doesn't work.xxxxxx

  • Oh bless you. It's a 'b.....r' isn't it. I am waiting for a very complicated op on my left wrist/hand and apparently there is an issue with 'funding', it makes me swear but hey we have to get in with it don't we xx

  • Sadly we do and to add to my woes hubby is not well and i will be ringing the drs to get him in this morning as i don't want him ill.xxxxx

  • Thank you for the chat. I hope your hubby gets better soon. You take care xx

  • Thank you and enjoy your day.xxxxx

  • Burping is a pretty classic sign of acid reflux, so may well be that. It can be horribly and surprisingly painful. Are you on a stomach protector like Omeprazole? Don't wait for rheumy appointment but talk to your GP. (You can buy Omeprazole over the counter, or things like Zantac)

  • It could also be your gall bladder. I would go and get it checked out. I had very si,iPad pain which is due to inflamed ribs but it is not relieved by burping, that suggests more acid reflux or gallbladder. I'm surprised you are still on MTX and have not been offered something else. As soon as I got mouth ulcers they took me off it and I am now trying something new

  • My mouth ulcers seem to be controlled by Folic acid which I take daily apart from the day that I have my MTX injection.

  • Thanks everyone, have GP appointment this afternoon xx

  • Hope you got to see GP and has something to help you now.

  • Hello, quite a lot of different things cause pain under the right rib. I had this ten years ago, I got pain each time I ate and drank. I took Omeprazole for several weeks and it got better. then I got pain under my right rib again, this time it came with being overweight so I went for a scan and was told inflammed liver. This seemed to settle down after a few months. Then I got pain under my right rib again, this time it came with coughing up blood. One CAT scan later found a congenital lung sequestration (Pulmonary Sequestration). So half my right lung had to come out. Now I get pain under the right rib from nerve damage so get prescribed Omeprazole to sort the acid reflex , Gabapentin, and Duloxetine to sort out the pain as well as a beta blocker to lower my pressure due to fatty live. I also need paracetamol/codeine at times as I am prone to banging my ribs and I have 2 of these missing after the thorocotomy. I you manage to get rid of the pain let me know I will try it out.!!!!

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