Rib and feels like compressed lung pain

Hi- I have been diagnosed with PsA. Recently I have had awful neck pain and swelling at top of my spine. This last week it has also started that during the night I have terrible pain between my ribs which then feels like my lungs are being compressed , so painful and harder to breathe. I have to get up because it hurts so much but then strangely after an hour it subsides to just feeling tender not painful - that is until I go to bed the next night and it all starts again. Wandering if anyone else with PsA experiences a similar problem. I'm beginning to dread going to bed as along with the constant night time hot cold problem I'm now not sleeping very well at all. Would love to hear if others have this too. Thanks X

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  • Sorry - no experience of this but I think you should call the rheumy nurse and explain the symptons. Sleep deprivation can be very harmful especially for people like "us". take care and best wishes x

  • Sounds like costochondritis..seems quite common with people with RA and is inflammation between the ribs. Very painful, but not serious if you know what I mean. I had it once and thought I was on the way out. But could be other things, and with anything that interferes with breathing it's best to get it checked out just in case. And sleep is also important, so do contact GP. Pollyx

  • my bet is on costochondritis too. Its incredibly common with any of the spondyloarthritis family. I don't get it at all if I am on adequate antiinflammatory treatment, so its likely a sign that your inflammation is not under control. Can you get a message to your rheumatologist or nurse?

  • I have pain at the top of my spine and in the neck, which is due to PsA. The other aches and pains I have not had, I agree with others best to get it checked out with your GP. xx

  • I have heard of people with P/A complain of this type of pain. If you have been recently diagnosed then i would hope when your medication takes effect it should ease off. It wouldn't do any harm to speak to the rheumy nurse or your doctor and see what they suggests. I hope you get some relief soon. x

  • Thankyou everyone for your comments and suggestions . It sounds just as has been suggested. I'm not due for another hospital appointment until October really so think I will try to get an earlier one to discuss this issue.

    Many thanks again - it's great to be able to ask questions and get views from fellow sufferes especially as I have no know similar suffers around me to ask so its very much appreciated.

    Gentle hugs to all x

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