Painful, clicking jaw 🤐

Morning peeps☺

To the amusement of my family, I have jaw ache! My left jaw is clicking and is very sore. My right side has had pain behind my ear for a few days before- I presumed it was my glasses causing that? I hoped it would subside but it hasn't . I'm still flaring (getting worse still) since last December and thought there couldn't be any other joints to be affected in my body - doesn't feel like my body any more to be honest. I already take paracetamol and etoricoxib to the max (along with mtx, sulfasalazine, iron tabs, b12,d3, omeprazole ) Is there anything I can do, take to ease the pain??? It's making my teeth ache too now 😶


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  • My jaw is aching too, I can hardly open my mouth. I hope someone can advise us both on what to do for pain relief.

  • Have you tried all the other approaches to pain relief? Eg diet, alternative therapies, meditation, exercise?

  • Thanks- I have a good diet, I don't clench my teeth etc..

  • Might be worth talking to your dentist..I wear a guard at night as I apparently grind my teeth at night...I had no idea!

    Also a lot of us find eliminating some items from our diet has helped with inflammation...meat, wheat, milk, sugar are often there anything you'd find difficult to give up? That's often the place to start!

  • My last flare included my jaw and ear ache too. Also very bad swollen joint. All right side, very painful. Extocoxib, and prednisolone got it all calmed down. I am now also on metx and Plaquenil too. My bad flare was caused because it was decided to try sulphasalzine and withdraw steriods, proved to be the wrong decision for me. Maybe a short course of steoid might help, good luck. x

  • Thanks- I already take 90mg etoricoxib daily. My rheumatologist gave me a month's course of prednisolone to take when I need to go back to work full time next week (have been off since January with a phased return for 3 wks in July- I work in a primary school) I'm so reluctant to take this as I took a similar course in June (my 3rd course this year) and I put on a stone! This course has been increased to 30mg for 2 wks then 20mg then 10mg.

    I had a docs appointment this morning and she's given me a prescription for tramadol! I'm rattling already😔She said to keep taking etoricoxib and paracetamol too!!

  • Hi there,

    sorry to hear about your Jaw problems here is an article from our website that may help you. .

  • I also have had this room time to time it starts with neuralgia in my jaw but I am sure it is to do with either my RA or PsA it says on the Web sites that xan very part of the disease.

    It is horrible and is miserable so he doc and dentist say not but I have had scans etc and all is clear. I am sure this disease says "what part of this body shall I attack oh I haven't done this part yet" !!!

    Sending you hugs darling take care xx

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