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Arthritis in the jaw and neck


I have arthritis in my jaw and neck. Has anyone had saline washouts in the jaw joints and did it work?

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I had this done and it gave me minor relief on one side - my right side. However, the worst side was fused (we didn't know at the time) and the surgeon caused damage in trying to inject it and the pain from my left side was worse than ever, so any relief I might have got from the right side was negated.

I'd be careful and make sure you have a very experience surgeon. Mine caused issues down the line.

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Hello, I have had washouts several times and a couple of times they injected a steroid into the joint. It did give me relief each time for around a year to 18 months. I wouldn't have it done unless the pain is really bad as after they have done it several times there is not a lot else they can do. I hope you get relief from the pain, it is very debilitating, I know. Take care

Hi Angelica, I found out purely by chance that I had RA in my jaw, as my dentist referred me re impacted wisdom teeth!! The maxilofacial surgeon stopped the procedure at the 11th hour having reviewed the xrays. No mention of washing the joints out, what he did prescribe was a tooth splint, looks like a soft gum shield and that does work as it stops the insessent muscle clenching!! Hope might be helpful.

Thanks Spooky. I'm getting a lot of pain so I'm still considering the wash out treatment even though it scares me. Im still hoping there's someone out there who has experience of having this done.

Spooky it's interesting the maxillofacial surgeon didn't suggest a washout for you? Was this because you didn't experience pain? I will try a shield first but I do not clench my jaws, not that I am aware of. What I will do is take my scans and X-rays and get another opinion

Thanks for replying folks! It really helps. Apart from experiencing neuralgia and pain in the jaw, I have pain at the back of my ears and very much so at the back of my head and neck. This is generally considered to be incorporated in the general TMJ condition but I am questioning whether washouts of the jaw joints will help alleviate all of this other TMJ related pain ... or not ... as it could well be due to a separate issue, arthritis in the neck, with which I've also been diagnosed. I also have malocclusion of my teeth which adds to the mix. Do I stick with " managing" the pain (ice and heat etc)? I am unsure what to do for the best outcome. Steroids in the neck, in the jaw, what? Apologies for piling on the details, but then that seems to be what this page is all about. I am sure there must feel many others with the same/similar dilemna. I would love to hear from you please.

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