Can anyone advise me on jaw/ear pain?


I'm assuming it's all connected to RA, my jaw has been niggling for a couple of weeks but now the pain in my ear is very sore, thankfully it only last for seconds but is happening more frequent. Should I just accept it's part of RA? or contact my GP or nurse?

Also, I have to up my dose from 15 to 20g of MTX this week, if it helps will it still take up to 3 months to notice any difference?

Thanks :)

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Hi Wiliby, sorry about your jaw and ear problem, it can be connected to RA as I had it a few years ago. Hopefully the increased dose will help as you can often see a difference pretty much straight away as the MTX is already well established in your body.

Going back to your jaw and ear if its really bad you can have a steroid injection into the jaw. I found that something warm such as a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel and put against you ear/jaw helped to ease it. On the other hand though I would still advise a GP visit as you've had it a few weeks you may have a slight infection in the ear and they can take a look inside.

Best of luck and let us know how you get on, take care

mand xx


I suffer on and off with awful ear pain, sometimes it comes from nowhere and other times it's a nagging dragging achy type pain. Just when I think I've had enough and decide it could be an infection it seems to subside. I think it could be a virus and the mtx means I can't fight it off as quickly as as I would have done. I don't suffer jaw pain though, that sounds bad and I'd mention it to your gp if it's bothering you so much. I've recently increased from 15mg to 20mg and am well into my 2nd month, I'm just beginning to feel a difference, yay! xx


Hi Jo, glad your starting to feel better with the increased MTX, just shows how a little more makes a difference.

Take care, and try not to overdo things now your feeling a bit better!!!

mand xx


Thanks Mand, I've just spent the last hour 'tidying' my DD's bedroom (good lord girl) so not sure that counts as taking it easy! Mtx's amazing stuff, I don't know what I'll do if it stops working, despite the side effects it really does seem to do the trick xx


Thats great the mxt increase has made a difference for you, I was a bit negative about it really.

Thanks Jo x


When you're feeling down it's hard to see how such a small increase will help but it does and hopefully in a couple of months you'll notice it too.I was very sceptical about it, especially as I was suffering so badly at the time! Take care of yourself xx



I've had jaw/ ear / maxillo-facial pain that I've been told is all part of my RA (deep joy) as with other joints it tends to occur on both sides although it's often more acute on one side. Have also had dental problems - abcess-es etc where there's nothing apparent on the surface but once they 'go in' there's a lot of infection, this also causes jaw and ear pain so worth investigating. A combination of immuno suppressant drugs seems to leave us vulnerable to this - as with the mouth ulcers.

Cece x

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Hi Wiliby,

I too have had jaw/ear and face pain and have been told its all part of the RA, it gets so bad sometimes I stick to soups etc when its real bad.

I must say I think you should always go to see your GP or rheumy with any new area off pain dont just take it as RA even though most of the time it is our GP's and Rheumys cant help us as much if we dont tell them everything thats going on.

Hope upping your Mthx goes well take care

Julie x


I also have had jaw and generalised tooth pain. Also earache. Lost my tooth due to a deep abcess which went undetected for 4 months was going back and fro to dentist- just told it was lively and needed antibiotics. In the end I got a hard cyst erupt and my husband said, lets go private. Maxo facial surgeon had me in straight away. Couldnt save the tooth and removed the whole nerve and gobstopper of pus. Said I was lucky not to have had septecaemia and been very acutely ill. I have sjrogrens on top of RA which makes you prone to tooth decay ( i now know - due to failure of salivary glands to produce enough saliva.) think some others on health unlocked have it too.

I love these anecdotal stories they tell as so much.

Take care

fiona xx


Hi Wiliby

Can't really add to what's already been said. I have a problem, on and off, with jaw pain and it is RA related. Worth getting it checked though in case of infection.

As Mand says the methotrexate increase should help quite quickly as your system is already primes with the lower dose. Good luck with it :)

Lyn x


Thanks to all replies, crikey it is quite common then, I've just given up on my toast this morning! I just realised after being at the dentist a couple of days ago and having my mouth so wide for so long didn't help either.

Glad to hear the MTX should take effect quickly so fingers crossed.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm so thankful for this site and the support/advice from you all! :) xx


Hi. I have jaw pain from time to time but it usually only lasts a couple of days. Like you, l have difficulty eating and talking. Fortunately for me the pain is not too severe just the fact that my jaw seems to lock but as l said this only usually lasts for a few days. Certain it is part of my RA. Hope you manage to sort yours out.


I had my jaws pain too at the very early stage of my RA. I could not chew and talk much then, I had very liquid food for about a year. It got better when mtx was being increased gradually. I am perfectly okay after about year of treatment.


I would be tested for MS, sorry but ive seen and heard it is part of this. I have same issues and have multiple autoimmune including RA for 20 years.


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