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Hi all

had a break from treatment as thought I had a neuro condition- I didn't. Last rheum was awful. Went to docs today and he was really nice and he said that the last hospital I went to wasn't v good and seemed keen to refer me to the hospital I want. He has tested me for rheumatoid factor as he thinks I may have rheumatoid not psoriatic arthritis.

Been on meth and sulfasalazine, no change or help with them. Hoping to get some better results this time.

My joints are bad, really playing up at the moment.

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  • Why does your GP think you have RhA? Did they suspect PsA cos rhF neg? Or do you have psoriasis?

  • Hello KittyKat, why did they think you had a neuro condition? Have you been on mtx and sulfa long? I hope you get some relief soon.

  • Hiya

    I had some symptoms of pins and needles, twitching etc but it was anxiety , however they gave me an mri thinking I may have ms or the like .

    I have psoriasis , but no nail changes ( common with psa). Never been properly examined or had a rheumatology bloodwork , so doctor thought could be rheumatoid .

    I was on sulf and meth but they didn't help . Hoping to get something else this time .

  • It must be a relief to findout that you don't have MS.

    I have had some toe nail changes, I've mentioned this to my doctor and he asked me if I have psoriasis. I said no, and he never said anything else.

    Can you just have toe nail changes without any other signs of psoriasis?

  • Hi Suzanne

    I was extremely relieved . Would have been too much to have both conditions. You can have toe nail changes without any other skin psoriasis I believe .

  • I'm going to discuss this with my doctor. I don't even recognize my toe nails. I just assume my toe nails changed because I used to wear steel toed boots at work....Yes, I'm going to show my feet and ask questions.

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