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Hi all, looking for some advice. Hoping to go and visit my brother in France in late September. Travelling from Scotland will probably go by train. He thought that maybe he could hire one in France for days out so it needs to be transportable. He is mainly thinking for seeing Paris, I've never been there. Has anyone been to Paris and hired one ? He has just texted me they want to take me to Monets gardens, I would love to see them. I am taking my walker but think Paris would be too much. Any advice or help would be gratefully received thanks. Hope you are all having a good day xx

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  • Hi.

    Haven't hired one in France but have hired in Cyprus and Spain.For the Spanish hire I used a company in the UK who arranged it for me and in Cyprus I googled mobility hire abroad and found a place who I corresponded with direct and all was sorted swimmingly.

    I am just leaving the house now for a couple of apps but will be back later this afternoon and can send you the contact details for the company concerned if you wish to have them- let me know.

    But try googling mobility hire in France and it may give you a few pointers.



  • Thank you so much, yes if you could let me know those contact details. Will google myself in the meantime. Good luck with the apps x

  • Morning cagsie.

    Sorry didn't get a chance to reply last night.

    The company I used for the scooter hire was mobilityequipmenthiredirect.com

    These are a sister site to disabled holidays who can arrange the whole Holiday for you at certain destinations .

    They can also arrange for transfers at your destination for you at wheelchairaccessibleholidaystaxis.com.

    I haven't used the services of the last two companies but certainly had no problem with the equipment hire.They provide other equipment also.

    I emailed them with the dates and destination of my holiday and they took it from there.

    Appts went well yesterday thank you.

    Happy holiday.



  • Thank you ever so much x

  • Tourist offices have information about hiring scooters. This is link to Paris one


    Presumably your brother speaks French if he lives in France, so he could ask the office nearest Giverny (where Monet's garden is).

    Paris is not brilliant for disabilities, as the metro isn't completely accessible. However, the real positive is there are cafes every 50 yard so loads of places to stop and rest!

  • No he has limited French, only just retired there. Fortunately they have a great French speaking neighbour. Will give it a go thanks. X

  • I just googled "hire of mobility scooter paris" and got a few hits including this en.parisinfo.com/practical-...

  • Thank you xx

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