Too many Methotrexate and a crunchy wrist

So - at my last appointment after giving me steroid jabs underneath the infamed tendons of my wrist and heel my Rheumy asked me to go up from 8 to 9 MTX tablets a week (in addition to the steroids, Hydroxychloroquine, Diclofenic and Sulfasalazine) to try to get things a bit more under control. I dutifully did but after 3 nausea filled weekends I have had to go back to 8 tablets - it was amazing how much difference just one extra tablet made in terms of bringing on all the nasty MTX side effects that I had previously avoided! I have two children under 5 so spending half the day tucked up in bed trying not to be sick just isn't an option!

Anyway - I seem to be OK on just 8, maybe a little more sore than usual but have now developed a 'crunchy' wrist - if I try to turn my wrist as you would when turning a round door handle it crunches alarmingly and hurts like hell. The crunchy wrist was a big problem last week when I had to go to Paris on business - there seem to be hardly any escalators on the Metro so I really struggled lugging my case up and down endless staircases!

Honestly - it's just one thing after another with this RA!

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uugh 8 by 2.5 mg equals 20 mg and nine is 22.5 mg massive dose.. no wonder your body doesnt like it... 25mg and above is chemo dose .. get my drift..., wonder if your rheum would let you have it by injection.. you inject yourslel im afraid.. or may be a new drug is the way forward??.. speak to your consultant., nurse or gp and get advice.. oh and a wrist xray too !!


I agree with Alison I am on 25mg, and after 18 months of sickness not easing my rheumy finally agreed to change me to injections.

I started 3 weeks ago and yay! no sickness

I would really look at it I was scared off injecting and had a panic attack on the first attempt but I did it and barely felt it now its nothing really dosent bother me.


Just that little more MTX doesn't suit you well not tablet form anyway so the way forward like the other ladies say may be by injection. It's not as bad as it sounds so don't be scared. I've had problems with both of my wrists and had synevectomy ops on both with tendon repair. Like Alison said looks like an x-ray is called for to sort out the problem get it looked at asap as the longer you leave it the more damage will be done to the joint.

Good luck and take care.

mand xx


I too have had crunch wrists it is an awful sensation, injection under camera has sorted them for me along with assorted lumps and bumps in wrists and hands. I decreased my metho by one pill and it made a big diff increase in pain! I take two 10 mg tabs a week, which I think is 8 of yours. Don't worry they seem to be trying to get your disease under control. I found that my consultant wanted to keep me working and as I had a famiy they were very keen that I was treated very aggessively, just keep taking the pills as prescibed to the best of your ability, as soon as your bloods are within normal range , they will encourage you to come off steroids (1mg per month v v slow!) Anyway onwards & upwards. x


yep 2 by 10mg is same 8 x2.5mg.. for some reason they dont like to give 10mg metho tablets to adults in gloucestershire and msodt of england,. they reserve the 10mg tablets for child chemotherapy.. im on 1omg of prednislone down from 11mg last week if you are on less than 15mg of prednisolone it is actually safe to drop by 1mg a week


I was told by my hospital pharmacist that the 10 mg tablets were no longer being dispensed because of a couple of fatalities where elderly patients taking a combination of 10 mg and 2.5 mg got confused and overdosed by taking multiple 10mg tablets on multiple days in the week:-(

Cece x


Wow - I knew MTX was a chemo drug but I was under the impression that my dose was way under a chemo type dose - well, no wonder I felt yukky!

I may ask about the MTX jab - I have had to stab myself before (heparin after my babies) so could manage to do it - especially if they are pre-loaded.

Think I will ask if I can have my crunchy lumpy wrist X-rayed too - I had a set of X-rays done when I was diagnosed a couple of years ago but have had none since - things certainly feel different now.

Thanks for all your replies - much appreciated. :-)


Ouch! I have crunchy elbows so feel your pain :-(

I'm on 20mg methotrexate and get really nauseous and fatigued. Dr has agreed to change me to methotrexate injections when I start my Anti-TNF injections. Have heard the injections are much better.

Good luck x


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