pain in my knee

I have been having a lot of pain in my knee, where it got to the point that I had to go to the doctor, who sent me for some xrays. it has come back as OA not RA as thought I was having a major flare. I cannot get an appointment until sept 5th and when I rang up, I said I need some stronger pain killers as codiene is not enough, I cannot take anti imflamable as it upsets my stomach even though am taking something for my stomach also. I am at my wits end really, am still working 35 hours a week. bending down or going up stairs is a nightmare, cannot put any pressure on my left knee and my right knee is getting worse as am using it lots more.

I can be laying in bed and the pain just hits me without putting any pressure on my legs, just turning over in bed is agony! After standing for about 5 hours my knee feels like it is swelling up and have immediate pain and I still have a further 2 hours to work.

When I get to my doctor appointment am asking for an injection in my knee, but that is in sept, I have 2 weeks holiday before that, but think am going to be in pain for that. The fatigue is unreal, am so tired, straight after work which finishes at around 12.30 I have to go back to bed when I get home for a few hours every day.

I really do not know what to do for the best and pain relief. They suggested going on tramadol, but cannot take it as have too many side effects as I use to be on them a few years ago and I found they are very addicted! It was a nightmare trying to get off them.

Thanks for listening and letting me rant.

take care everyone

Carol xx

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Dear Carol,

A few suggestions to help deal with your pain. Know what you are going through as I have had RA for over 40 years. Ice packs can help, a pack of frozen peas is best I find and keep the leg elevated at rest. I also find using a stick helps to take some strain off the affected knee, use in opposite hand. Rest is important. Difficult when you are working. Paracetamol may help to ease the pain for a short time. Traumadol always helps me to get some sleep when things are bad though I only take one as really zones me.

Over the years I developed a great relationship with my Rheumatologist. In emergency situations such as you are experiencing I see him privately. Can usually get an appointment within days. We are not wealthy but feel this is money well spent as life in pain is not an option. Cost is about £200.00 for consultation and steroid injection. The NHS cannot provide immediate treatment in my experience and further joint damage can occur whilst awaiting an appointment, not to mention the severe pain.

Hope this helps. Luv Pam


Hi Carol

I agree with Pam about a stick (if you don't already use one). While I was waiting to get my left knee replaced (as I was told I was too young - ha), I was rushing up the stairs as I was getting my children ready for school and heard a snap. I now have a very painful right foot with no arch.

I'm sure it must've been due to the extra stress my right leg was under coping with my left knee, maybe if I'd used a stick it could've been avoided.



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