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In pain

Am having a bad flare my knee is swollen and painful, my hip is agony. Have rung rummy nurse got answer machine saying not to leave message no one there till Monday. Went to GP who said I need to wait for rummy nurse as they don't like to give meds feel let down and upset . Cannot sleep as in pain have tramadol but there not touching it. Sorry for going on just fed up 😢

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Hi tich57,

sorry to hear that you are having such a bad time at the moment. It may be worth going back to your GP and seeing if perhaps there is some non-medical form of pain relief they can suggest such as TENS. They generally can't prescribe medication to treat the RA but usually they can help with pain. I have put some links to sites that deal with pain. I hope these help:

Hope you get some relief soon


Beverley (NRAS Helpline)


Thank you will have a look 😊


This might be old to hear but I had my knee replaced 6 times

same knee. I went through a lot of pain and swelling.

First I elevated my knee and applied ice but for no more than 20

minutes otherwise it's counter-productive. The tissues will stay swollen.

I babied my leg when it hurt. I used tiger balm and bio freeze which

was actually my favorite. I got out my tens machine, and a little extra

sleep helped too. I didn't stand in one place say to fold laundry or

sort dishes. My grown kids had to help out there. I just took care of

myself and later added exercise.


Thank you I will try not to stand to long have tried hot and cold I also have trouble staying awake so am resting it alot


Heat may feel really good but it will cause the tissues to swell. Bio freeze or maxfreeze is my favorite for knee pain. I'm using it on my non surgery knee cuz on being so rough on it.


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