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Thank You All for Your Kind Words

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Latest update I will be on oxygen permanently till I get a transplant if it happens along road ahead for me but at least I'm here to fight it.mattcass

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Hi Matt

I think i must have missed some of your posts, last I heard you were out of hospital doing well and waiting for new treatment. Now you have been back in with a bad chest infection? Has the pulmonary fibrosis not improved?

Very sorry to hear you need a transplant. I really hope you get one soon. There seems to be much ore people aware of organ donation now. Are you back home yet? Hope so. You will be on my thoughts and prayers. Love Kiki x x

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Thanks Kiki everything was rolling along RA was killing me then out of the blue pneumonia looking into FRAN eyes telling her goodbye was the help I needed to pull through

Tell you more later docs here.matt

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Looking into loved ones eyes, pulls you through, keep looking at those eyes Matt and breathing the oxygen, you've loads more to give. Xx

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Ok Matt x

With all of your friends on here and f/book Matt you will get a transplant sooner rather than later

Sorry to hear you are so ill :-(. I do hope things get better for you & like Sylvi says we are all here for you. Xx Alison

So sorry to hear that. Good luck and best wishes x

My thoughts and prayers are with you to get what you need quickly.

Sending gentle hugs.🐶

Thinking of you. ...if it's a matter of guts you'll sail through! ! Fingers crossed that you don't wait long. Mavis xx

Oh Matt, this is not such good news. I have wondered why we hadn't heard from you for a while.

Keep that pecker up , and don't give up. You've been through so much. So glad you have the wonderful Fran and your son by your side. You're very lucky to have such support.

All the best

Carolyn xxx

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Matt I really hope you get the transplant and do brilliantly on it. Your story puts everything in perspective for me. I had mild pneumonia followed by pancreatitis earlier this year and have just come back from hospital having had my gallbladder op cancelled due to theatre closing after a night emergency. Feeling shaken but when I read your story I feel positively lucky. Brave guy. X

Matt I'm sending you lots of positive vibes. I hope you can get some improvement soon. Cxx

Keep on fighting Matt you have a lot to live for. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. xxxx

Great to hear from you luv........miss you on here but thinking of you and as always wishing you well. XX

Can they not put a wee dram smell in that oxygen, that will perk you up Mate. But I'm not up to climbing any hills with you !!! Xx sending love as always xxxx

All best wishes Matt. Fingers crossed for you and hope you get your transplant soon.


Really hope you get the treatment you need. Thinking of you and wishing you the best, we're all here if you need a chat x

Matt so sorry to hear that you are so ill, my husband has IPF so I know a little of what you are experiencing. He has been put on a drug that slows down the deterioration of his lungs (it's not a cure) seems to be doing quite well on it. Hope you get your lung transplant pretty soon. Don't give up keep positive, we are all rooting for you on here. Thinking of you, Bencar xx

We are all behind you Matt supporting you and wishing you well. xx

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