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Pain in feet at night

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Over the last few weeks I've been experiencing shooting pain & burning in my feet when in bed. I'm not sure if this is OA or RA.

I only had problems with my hands wrists and elbows so far.

I have also noticed some days my shoes feel tighter some days. I originally thought it might be due the thicknesses of tights. But have tried thinner tights and problem is the same.

I am usually on my feet at work and have needed to take my shoes off at lunch time to give them a rest.

I have wide fitting shoes which cost a fortune to buy.

Thank you in advance


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My feet have hurt from day one. I have RA. I now have my shoes tied as loosely as I am able. My work shoes are issued safety shoes which I use with insoles, so that they are size 7 (I am a 5 1/2). My feet swell up something awful.

I'm only. 5ft 1 1/2in in height

Usually buy size 6 shoes to accommodate my foot width

My feet have also been a problem from the beginning....have struggled to find comfortable shoes and now spend a small fortune on Mephisto or Gatner, who both make foot shaped shoes with supportive insoles. I also have a pair of Wolky sandals. I have tried orthoses from the hospital but find them hard and bulky and only really suitable for trainers or boots.

My normal non working shoes are Clarks which I can take the manufacturers insoles out and put in my hospital ones (they are cut down so only support my heel area). I was given them by the hospital years ago. I repeatedly sprained my ankles without any real cause of injury. I saw the man with a foot fetish who took loads of X-rays which showed I had funny ankles.

I have clarks wider width at the moment too

Also use hotter and widefit

It sounds as though you've activity going on Matilda, whichever it is RD or OA. I'm another who's had bothersome feet, the first place RD first appeared. If he/she is one who will do have your Rheumy examine them, unfortunately many seem to ignore feet as they're not included in the DAS 28. Mine have been quite a bit better since being referred to Podietry & after some time increasing & adding bits to standard orthotics I now have custom made insoles which have helped. Lace up shoes have also been a help both for ankle stability & the fact I can adjust them as my feet dictate. I hope your Rheumy listens to your symptoms & they're checked before damage occurs, I have multiple problems because of the two years my Rheumy chose they weren't to be examined.


I see a podiatrist privately every 2 months

I will mention it to them as I see them before my next appointment in December

Thank you

I too have had problems with my feet since I had RA and OAbut at the moment it's my legs burning at night when I'm in bed and eventually have to put them outside the duvie to cool down

Exactly ! Every night. The feet get set on fire. It's tiresome.

Hi Matilda, yes I can totally understand this, I have RA and have what I call my "liquid fire" it courses through my feet and hands the most. I too have problems with my shoes sometimes and have started buying wide fit shoes but they don't seem to help. I think it is definitely RA related as that is what I have and not yet been diagnosed with OA.

My treatment has started to help that now though so maybe discuss with your rheumy and see if your meds need reviewing.

Hope you manage to find some relief from it soon.

yes i get that and more,it gets so bad that i jump out of bed and stand till it gos

I have OA and I'm still waiting for RA to be confirmed.

OA affected my feet first - my big toe joint in particular. The pain is sharp and stabbing and constant and the joint looks very red. The pain I get in my hands is completely different it's a burning sensation that seems to move through my hands like a wildfire, as well as red and swollen joints, I'm not sure if this is just another OA symptom or whether it is another form of Arthritis.

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Pain usually is usually 2nd 3rd 4th & 5 th toes

Burning sensation all over

I get some pain in my other toes, but notice it more in my big toe. I have lumps on the underside of my foot by my toe joints too which make walking painful, although in the past few days these seem to be going down.

It's only my hands that get a burning feeling

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Matilda_1922 in reply to crispym

Thank you for your advice

yes i get burning feeling in my soles - as if i'm standing on hot sand, also left wrist tingles as if wrapped in nettles. i try to ignore as far as poss and lie there doing HP thoughts [ happy places .... swimming with turtles ..... nowadays just swimming even... or designing my last meal... that keeps me busy lol. i think the burning is called peripheral neuropathy, said by ? oldtimer, aged crone ? forget now . ankle boots help me but i need velcro as can't do laces..

Hi Matilda, like others I have had foot problems from day 1. What has helped me big time is acupuncture.

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Matilda_1922 in reply to Joy_1

Thank you

Hi Matilda. I too have troublesome feet - it is where my RA started. They often feel as if they are on fire especially underneath the balls and toes. When not burning they are like wooden blocks! Even though they feel hot and swollen inside I find giving them a soak in warm water with bath salts added or essential oils like lavender really soothes them. Alternatively sitting with a heated wheat bag wrapped round them, preferably elevated works. You could also try massaging them with tiger balm or olbas oil which has a cooling effect. At night keeping them warm with socks or using a hot water bottle also works for me. All this sounds mad when my feet are burning but it does seem to help. Also, having spent a fortune on useless and painful shoes, I now only wear Skechers which are incredibly comfortable and allow me to walk with less pain.Hope you find some of this helpful.

Best wishes. K

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The problem I have is my work is their dress code doesn't allow for trainers and sketchers are not allowed. I did buy a pair of sketchers that I have now worn out a couple of years ago in Dubai which were really comfortable but can't see anything similar in the U.K.

I will contact OH and see what they advise as I do a lot of walking in my job.

Thank you for your advice


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Kariss in reply to Matilda_1922

I sympathise completely. I was on my feet a lot but was allowed to wear trainers in my last job but finally had to admit defeat and retire early because I could no longer cope with the standing for such long periods and developed sinovitis under my toes. I even had special shoes fitted at the hospital podiatry unit but they were still bad. I think that RA in the feet is rather overlooked - it has certainly changed my life! By the way, I buy my sketchers online, that way they are cheaper and I can source the ones I like. I just get the same style every time now as I know they do the job well enough. :)

Good luck, I hope you get some help.

I have PsA and my main problem is my feet and ankles. I get the burning and heat on the soles, and shooting pain too. Have you tried elevating your feet on a pillow in bed? That seems to help. Otherwise yes, very supportive shoes - takes a while (and a whole lot of $$) to find the right ones it seems.

Hope this helps, you are not alone.

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