So tierd

I am sat here and feel so so tierd. I have RA hypothyroidism fibromyalgia and Raynauds. I hadon't to retire on ill health but due to finances really need to find a part time job which has not been easy.My gp doesn't think it is possible to get past being tierd so he thinks I'm a hypochondriac. My hands keep going number and cold but from the elbows down . I was on Gabapentin but stopped them as they were doping me up. I am on Methotrexate Chloroquine and Humira with folic acid. I'm sorry to go on but I feel the people on here are the only ones who understand. Thanks for listening

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  • A lot of Drs or in this case Quack lol, it amazes me because these "doctors" keep trying to dismiss fibromyalgia as something and nothing, also these docs work for the NHS and fibromyalgia is listed on THIER website so it must be real, the fatigue in fibromyalgia isn't something that you can work past as easy as that, because it makes your fibromyalgia a heck of a lot worse plus RA causes fatigue too.

    I'm glad you stopped the Gabapentin because from my experiences with lots of fibromyalgia sufferers because I ran a support group for 11 yrs, the main side effects can in some people give you symptoms the same as fibromyalgia, therefore your symptoms are double for some lol. You should have been referred to a Rheumatologist who you can talk to about your fibromyalgia and if you haven't been to see one put a demand in to the Drs.

    I hope this helps and stops you feeling bad.


  • Thank you. I am under a rheumatologist who had some blood tests done which all came back negative. Am now waiting results from pulmonary function and ct chest

    . I know this sounds daft but I hope they do show something and then at least I'll know not making this up

  • I hope something shows up because you will know what your dealing with and it'll be one in the eye for them, fibromyalgia isn't and can't be traced through blood, although about 15 years ago the scientist said that in women the blood cells were a different shape than those who were then healthy lol but nothing more became from that, typical eh, take care and keep us all updated.


  • Some doctor! They are supposed to be there to help you. Two auto immune diseases I have are RA and Fibromyalgia too and both cause so much tiredness.You just want to close your eyes a lot of the time. You wouldn't be on all those drugs if you werent ill. I take 15 a day and theyre bound to react against each other. I was on Gabapentin but replaced it with Pregabalin which is similar.I am on high dose and I have got used to it but do feel spaced out at times. It broke my heart when I was told by my doctors to give up work and I now claim ESA . I would prefer to work and being stuck in house drives me stir crazy. I wish you luck.

  • It really makes me angry when the Doctors don't understand and calling you a hypochondriac is out of order, it is hard when you need to work but there is nothing anyone can do about the tiredness it is apart of this awful disease the only thing I can say is learn to pace yourself and don't give up it gets easier as you come to terms with your condition , the main thing is relax as much as you can and take it steady X X

  • Thank you all. I know there is no magic cure I just had to have a rant . Thanks again

  • Total sympathy with you. I too have been told that I have fibromyalgia on top of RA and I too have tried gabapentin and in my case it seemed to make things worse. The thing that has worked best for me so far is the 'pacing' and I have found that I have gradually been able to increase my activity levels to continue to enjoy the things I like doing. I am lucky in that I am semi-retired and although I would like to work more I could not do so and do the things I still enjoy. I am also lucky in having a tremendously supportive wife and an understanding family and friend network. While they will never truly understand how i feel they do give me space to rest and recover. Those people that don't I have found easier to let go of. Good luck and yes you are not alone.

  • you poor darling I know so many doctors just don't want to believe you this I know personally and yes they dismiss fibromyalgia as Philip says. I went to Rheumy 4 weeks ago and she said you don't have any inflation markers in your blood so you don't have RA when I asked what was it I had she said don't know !!!! So there was then more in my blood because I had fire in it !!!!! She said it was a trapped nerve in my shoulder and neck ( what for 3 years !!) and upped my Pregbalin. I was so upset and had to go and have a blood test where the "vampire" asked me what was wrong I told her, a short form, and she said when you go home have a look on google for fibromyalga and popymyalga . When I did the symptoms for fibro were exactly what I have been complaining about right down to brain "fog".

    Why oh why do we not get listened to ???

    Sorry for my rant but I do get so cross some docs will not look outside the square. xx

  • I have JUST THE SAME SYMPTOMS why are we not listened to.xx

  • Thank you. I have just had results back from my scans and it shows some evidence of lung problems so have been referred to a chest specialist so hopefully I'll get sorted

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