So so sad

I'm aboard & just thought I'd check in with all you lovely people who I regard as friends,to find that two valuable ladies have left. Looking back ( & maybe I've missed something) I feel that I have to say that Tilda was goaded into making that negitive response. Anyway I feel really sad that we cannot live n let live & not pick holes in things that are said on here,maybe they're not absolutely correct but are heartfelt & mean no harm. I wish you all a good day x

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  • I agree with you I'm just back after 6 weeks driving hubby about so don't know what's gone on but it is sad that two pear have left the site very sad ;(

  • People

  • Haven't been on here so much recently due to being pretty busy, so also seem to have missed what's going on. I agree it's terrible and very sad when people feel they have to leave. Have always had such great support myself from everyone in the past, really hope things can get sorted out. Hope everyone's feeling OK.


  • I agree Caza, can we now wait on the moderators to sort this tomorrow and look after the people who are suffering today xx

  • They have been contacted about

  • I agree with what others have said. I so hope this sorry mess is sorted out and quickly xx

  • See? Now I never read anything from Tilda that would indicate she was goaded into a negative response. I really do not know what is going on or why! I realize I am on here many times when all of Great Britain has aleady been here, so I seldom get involved in present time discusions. I can't say I have ever read any bullying type statements directed to another on this site. So, I take everyone at their word, and trust NRAS to clear this nonsense out of our valuable site.

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