This is a waste of time

I'm going to give up on this til the problems have subsided. I found it difficult to log on at first as the site rejected my email - because I already had it on the old site I imagine. Cant get long version of any of the messages just get a silly face. Why use these infantile images. Am not in a good mood as my inflammation levels are right up and I'm going to withdraw for a little while.

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  • I agree. Had to reset password, then it still wouldn't accept it. Then tried to put a blog on and there isn't a button to post it! What is going on?? Just about given up.

  • Hi dtech

    We had the same problem. I think initially it was working for username but not email address, but this has been fixed now. HU are fixing the problems as quickly as they can, but until the new version was live it was hard to anticipate what the problems would be. A lot of the login problems have now been resolved; it might just take a few days to have the site fully-functioning. Changes like this are always harder for existing forum members, as we all get used to knowing where to find things!

    Kind regards


  • Hi Cathie

    I'm really sorry about the problems with the forum and understand it does disrupt things, but hopefully when it's working well it will be a big improvement.

    The error pages you are getting with the face on them may be if you're clicking on the links on the 'latest activity' section, as these links don't seem to be working yet. If you click on the 'questions' and 'posts' tabs you should hopefully still be able to view everything.

    I hope that helps, but understand if you don't feel like using the forum while these issues are being resolved.

    Kind regards


    (NRAS Helpline)

  • So how do you creat a post? I've tried and the only button I can see is preview? Can't see button to finish and post.

  • Click preview, then submit it. This is so we can allow for auto tags to set themselves.

  • Click on preview and if you are happy with what it looks like you are then given the option to submit. Hope that helps!

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