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Does anyone else suffer from bad night sweats?woken up every night like I,ve got a raging fever.this has been going on for several years and I,m well past menopause.broken sleep always,up every morning at 5a.m.popping the pain killers.long days and short nights.can,t remember what normal is! Then you go through your day like everything is fine,cos,you look o.k. I,d stay in bed, but that doesn't work cos all that happens is you stiffen up,s a long road and you try everything and anything ,I,d scream if I had the energy.just sooo tired!!

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  • Menopause night sweats can still occur well after the menopause. I have been post menopausal since 2 years and I still use HRT patches. I tried to come off them at beginning of year but insomnia and night sweats and stress incontinence returned with a vengeance, so have gone back on lowest dose Patches again. I found the RA DMARD medications also intensified the heat surges as well as causing a host of other side effects. I have been off all RA meds since August last year with Rheumy approval and my physical health has greatly improved and I have a better quality of life. My Mild RA symptoms are manageable without DMARDs.

    In the early perimenopause days, I tried a range of natural menopause supplements (black cohosh, red clover, sage, etc.) without any success. What did work for me for the hot flushes was FX menopause capsules (green 'mung' bean phytoestrogens). Worth giving a try to restore sanity. Only available online

  • These were my symptoms when I was first diagnosed with RA eleven years ago until I was put on Enbrel. I am a new woman since I started it. I am horrified that you have been suffering this way for so long and I urge you to reconsider the appropriate medication for RA xxx

  • I am on Enbrel for 5yrs but I still have night sweats.

  • Hi ruby you have described exactly the way I am... In fact it could have been me who wrote it lol. I'm getting steroids a short course today and I know I'll feel so much better for a while . I saw rheumatologist on Tuesday and he's starting me in sulfasalazine alongside my mtx injection. He says if this fails he will try and apply for funding for biologics. But I know how you feel.... I was up at 4 this morning tea and tablets and watched the EU vote unfold. Off to bed cause I'm tired .....what a life

    Regards dawn

  • I know exactly how you feel I change my bedding most morning. I can wring my hair out and change my pjs a good few times a night. This has also been going on for a long time for me. My doc just said awww I know it cant be nice..... sorry I know that isn't really helpful to you but I'm not going through the menopause so it's not that reason for me. Hope you find a cute big sweaty hugs from me xx

  • Interesting. I suffer with terrible night sweats. But now take Gabapentin which has helped so much. After breast cancer I have to eliminate estrogens but which cause these symptoms. I never associate night sweats with RA though.

  • You just described my existance, my balance is that twice every 24 hours my morphine kicks in and im able to sleep for max 3 hours. I coose those hours to be 3am to 6am and 15.00 to 18.00, after 3 years of this Im exhausted from the hopless raging hot night sweats as well. The drugged sleep is not good but the pain is so great its the only way i can even function, more sleep would be nice but i refuse to be a dribbling idiot drugged out of my brains which is the only way i could be pain free.

    4 + years without a single days remission and the sickness from rejecting mtx and 2 bio therapies, then to wake up twice in resuss having survived crashs in blood pressure and adrenalin crisis. This disease is pure evil.

  • Hi Leonwp, Your story is too familiar! I'd think I'd won the lottery if I ever got more than 3 hours sleep, without the dope. I wake up in pain and have some more painkillers and a read of my Kindle. My husband often finds me in the morning propped up with it in my hands and my glasses on, but all bent! I find the reading takes my mind off the pain! Like you, I would love to be able to sleep without the drugs. Kind regards,

  • Im so sorry you are having a hard time of it and i hope that for you some med changes help you as they do the vast majority of people. I have been unlucky but i am an unusual exception not the rule if this crap disease has any rules. You have a very high chance of finding a good combination that works for you, its unfortunate that the meds take so long to work sometimes and then when they add or take away anything the changes take time again. The 2 things that have helped me most have been dropping ALL processed foods and resting when possible. I wish you better less painful nights and more positive days.

  • I feel 'fluey' at night - hot, tired, and thirsty and the weird thing is always starts around the same time, 7pm.

    It stopped when I had a depot steroid shot, and gradually returned when that wore off, so I put it down to the RD inflammation.

    Don't think it's menopause related in my case, as it started the same time as the joint pain.

    Ooh for a long, cool kip! :-)

  • Hi

    I too get this - but not as bad - and for some time (3 years probably) before my RA was diagnosed.

    Used to worry about it but have sort of got used to it. Did not think it was RA linked but perhaps it is? Do not think it hormone linked as menopause happened 20 years ago! Will ask when next at hospital.

    Anyone else asked the medics?

  • I'm sure that it linked to how active my RA is as the sweats are much worse when the disease is active. Then they are enough to soak the bedclothes and the pillow is horrible by the morning - sometimes I have to change it for another during the night it gets so damp.

    When the disease is quiet - like now- I only have mild sweats even in this very humid weather and can sometimes only need to change the sheets once or twice a week.

  • I've just read all the reply post and they all seem to be describing me to a tee to l only have to do a bit of house work or in the garden as well as the sleeping bit and I look like I just got out the shower ( past menopause too) as well I just excepted it wrong really we shouldn't do that , we all need help I think ? I hope you get releaf soon xxDawn

  • Hugs darling and i suggest you go and see your dr and see what is the cause. I believe if you know whats causing it you can hopefully manage it better.xxxx

  • when all this started many years ago, I asked my doctor what was going on, she replied that my illness was the cause of my night sweats, as the body was trying to fight the disease causing the inflammation. Mine have been some what mitigated by the new drugs, please see your Doc to find out whats going on, they cant treat what they cant see. you might find it helps. remember your not alone there are loads of really good people on this site with a wealth of knowledge and advice.

    warmest Craig

  • Hi Everyone! This is my first post, but I have been following this site for a couple of months. It is wonderful to be able to have a place to come where people can identify, although unfortunately.

    I was diagnosed a bit over a year ago. I call last year my Lost Summer. MTX is managing my disease but I have noticeable involvement in all joints. Oh, soon to be 64.

    I have occasional night sweats too and am trying to pair it with something- maybe an overactive day? This horrid disease is hard to pin down or make sense of. I am just thankful to have it in an era of drug Rx and research......and Hope

    Hang in there, Everyone. I appreciate the support and advice each takes the time to give one another.


  • Same here too I mentioned to all Medics some answer some don't. Seems to be Par for course with Medication!

  • Hi Ruby,

    I'm on HRT but over the last few weeks I've been having hair drenching sweats quite frequently during the day and night. There's a lot going on with my RA and Foot Drop, which is probably related, it's been a tough 6 months and I'm on more medication than ever, Gabapentin, Prednisolone, extra Amitriptyline but the pain in my foot/ankle is now bearable and after 5 months I am sleeping better. Still can't rotate or move my ankle up and walking with a high step to avoid tripping. Sounds like the sweats could also be related to RA, which is something, if it's another issue or condition I don't think I could cope! But I'd have to, I suppose. Good to know there are other who suddenly look like they've just come out of the shower. Thinking of you and wishing that your days become shorter and your nights include some refreshing sleep


  • That sounds like my life for the last 15 years.

  • Hi ruby, I can relate totally to how you go through the day as if everything is fine, I am constantly being told how well I look. People can't see the pain, don't know how little sleep you've had or how upset your stomach is from all the meds.

    Keep on keeping on, you're not alone! :-)


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