God how i hate RA

Well here i am on a sunday afternoon suffering from the worst flare i have ever known. My feet are burning and so are my hands. Yesterday was so bad i sat in bed sobbing my heart out because i couodn't do nothing to help myself. I wasn't too bad this morning,but now it is gettting worse. I feel as if a good howl coming on. |So if anyone has anything funny to say on my blog i wouod be grateful as i find the bizzare and the ridiculous verey funny and it will help cheer me up. thank you.xxx

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  • I hope it will make you smile.

    I went shopping yesterday with my husband. We got to the check out, and he remembered he needed something from the pharmacy. I carried on putting the items through the check out. When I finished packing I was wondering where he had got to. I looked up and saw him talking to a policeman. I was quite cross that he has left me to pack everything and put it in the trolley. When I went over it appeared that my husband was helping with enquirers. There had been a man going round the chemists buying lots of paracetamol saying he wanted to kill himself. And yes my hubby matched his description perfectly. I was hoping the floor would open up and swallow me when we were escorted from a very busy supermarket by a policeman so his colleague could id my hubby!!! Luckily the other policeman who drove past us in his marked car decided he didn't quite fit the description, the other man was taller!! I am never ever shopping with him again, I really can't leave him on his own for 5 min.

    Hope you soon feel better.



  • How embarassing for you and him,how funny as well. Thanks.xx

  • mm l feel muchthe same physically , will try and think of some thing funny... your music blog was brilliant.. how about you and me putting on some good music at our homes ans see if that helps?


    Best wishes alison x

  • That will be a change from the football.xxx

  • well my mobile just went ping;; raced to it.... from new lap top.... it was your next nhs appoint is 15.40 moln 28/1/13 so much for an exciting text message.

    Just got up from two hour snooze.. x

  • Yes but the outcome of your consultation on Thursday might be exciting Alison you never know? - here's hoping it is anyway.

    Sylvi I can't think of anything too funny just now as life here is focused on the dogs - the older Fred keeps trying to break free of the house to go and chew old banana skins in the garden compost. He probably also wants to escape Ruby's teeth - she's taken to nipping his ankles for sport poor Fred.

    Now I just want to say Sylvi that you are a very brave woman and I want to thank you for your recent blog taking us down musical memory lane. It prompted me to create a party list for my 50th birthday party which I've postponed until late March so that friends from London, Wales and Inverness can all attend. It's such fun - the nearest I get to choosing my Desert Island Discs and my OH keeps trying to compete. He keeps saying "listen to this Ramones number.. or this really trendy dance band the boys like" and I reply each time "no way mate. You could have had your own 50th birthday party last year but you refused. This is my shot to choose music that tingles my juices and I plan to dance the night away to my own favourites!" So mean of me really but i just fancy myself as a bit of a Gloria Gaynor - twirling and going into a dance trance to all this Motown and all my odd bits and pieces. I washed up lunch today in absolute heaven. So far my top five all timers have been; "If you go away" by Dusty Springfield, Bee Gees "Night Fever", Nina Simone "My Baby Just Cares for Me", Culture Club "Do you really want to hurt me?" and Lily Allen "The Fear" - just the tip of the iceberg.

    And to make you smile a bit through your horrible flare, my neighbors (grumpy ones unfortunately) were all standing in their living room window one day a few months ago smirling at me stretching on my Nintendo Wii Fit. So today I really gave them something to think about by dancing in the winter sunshine in the garden while the dogs ran about and I boogied in my bright yellow Crock wellies to the afformentioned tracks and many more! Tilda xxxx

  • I can imagine you running round the garden in bright yellow wellies.xx

  • I take the dogs out in my nighty, a fluorescent jacket that smells of all sorts as son bought it while at rock fest (the nearest I get to mood enhancing substances these days) and yellow wellies - and sometimes my new tamashanter beret so you can see why the neighbours think I'm a tad strange?! Xx

  • Yeah Tilda, I am not surprised! LavendarLady x

  • Where are the people in white coats!

  • Don't know it's hard to find our house right enough it's like platform 9 and 3/4 from the Harry Potter. But if they have any sense they will come in flourescent coats and yellow wellies instead of white and then I might just let them in!

  • I was visualising you in the gear dancing to the music, with fred and ruby looking on! Still brightened my day at your expense, sorry.

  • You are silly Georje - that was what I was trying to do of course! X

  • Hi Sylvia, hope you are feeling a little better., Sorry to see you are in a bad flare. This wretched disease - we desperately need a cure.

    Himself wore full Highland dress on Friday for Burns Night - it was so cold I told him to wear something warmer underneath but he wouldn't. (He did have something under his kilt - it was too cold to go commando!) Fortunately the women who is often at these do's and gets tanked up on the whisky, wasn't so Himself didn't get his kilt lifted or chased round the room! One of these days, I shall slap her if only to sober her up!

    When my feet are painful, burning and sore, I stick them in a bowl of cold water - Oh the relief. Hope it works for you too.

    Take care. Love LavendarLady xx

  • My hands have been getting that treatment LL but it doesn't seem to make much difference though. I'm trying i really am.xxxx

  • Sylvi - even my hands ache and are puffy tonight but I think it's just because I've been on the laptop so much lately and my RA (if I believe I do have it!) is just flagging itself up a bit for the fun of it. I find that warm/ hot water helps me much more than cold. Call the Midwife is on tonight - husband calls it "that lady rubbish" but I love it! Tilda x

  • I could give you all a jolly good laugh if only I knew how to upload photos! This afternoon I was a very good mum and helped my daughter with her homework for college. Before anyone says no mum you shouldn't have, I was sitting in the lounger being told move your head this way, look to the left/right. I was having a full make over, it had to be completed in 45 mins, as she has practical exams tomorrow. Trouble was I was trying to do a roast dinner at the same time! Whether we have the timings right not too sure. She had to take before and after photos and thats where the laugh would come in. I looked incredibly old before and a bit nicer after, my husband when asked to comment said, "how much polyfilla did you use"! Cheek! By the way Sylvi, I did not have the eye brow/lash tint or the perm cannot take it. Good job as when it came to the eyes, I was told off for blinking or moving, I cannot abide anyone near them.

    Anyway I hope you are feeling a little bit better now. xxx

  • I know you can multi task but make over and cook the dinner that is going some if i may say so. I still ache and to be honest i don't know why, but there is no logic with ra is there. I have had a bit of a howl earlier on on hubbys shoulder bless him. He went upstairs saying i wish i could do something to help and all i said was cuddle me,which he duly did.xxx

  • OH Sylvi,

    Im sorry you are having a bad day, it must be something in the air, cos I've had a rubbish one too. Im sorry I dont have anything funny to say - but I have enjoyed reading all of the above!!

    Well, actually, I could share this with you.........

    On Mondays I go to my 'movement for improvement class' - its taken a while for us to come out of our shells, but last monday we had a relaxation session. The physio wanted us to get on the floor, which for some of us was quite amusing!! Anyway, the cd player had broken so Darren (physio) read the script for us to relax to.

    The scene was a trip to the beach, we had to imagine the sand, sea, breeze and the sounds - we are told to breathe in deeply and exhale. Im beingnning to feel relaxed........ lovely!

    Then Darren speaks again, very softly, imagine your are walking, the sand is warm........ more deep dreathing......... now imagne you are dipping your toes into the water....... Im thinking, nice.... when one of the other ladies pipes up ' no way, its too bloody cold!!!' (sorry for the lauguage - hope I dont offend anyone) But oh my, we just couldn't stop laughing, it was just funny!!! The session sort of ended there, but funnily enough we all said we felt realxed and a bit happier!!!

    Hope that makes you smile!!

    I have two sessions to go, and I know I will miss them, but hopefully I might get the opportunity to go again!

    Take care

    Pen xx

  • That is the sort of thing i would have said pen. It has made me smile. Hope your feeling brighter.xxx

  • Not got much to say Sylvie except it won't always be like this. I've had two days of relief after steroid in bum, and I know it won't last, but while it does its ok. I hope you can get something and it can settle down so you aren't in all this pain. What do you do to relax?to try to take your mind off it? I can't think of anything funny ive done unless my recent waitrose order ... I ordered loads of crisps and snacks and when they arrived I was ashamed and hid them in different places. Hope I don't forget them like a squirrel!

  • Hope you are feeling a bit better now Sylvi, I've enjoyed reading the funny tales.

    Hope you have a good night, will be thinking of you.

    Mary x

  • logged on late today, so hope things have improved for you and you are a bit more comfortable. I've No funny stories here today, but I enjoyed the ones others had. Sleep well. polly

  • This is a funny one from a few years ago.....

    My son, who is 13 now, decided a few year ago aged about 9/10 that when he went on his laptop and playstation he needed a cool name. He liked "the ninja" but thought it was too common so decided to change it to "tehninja"

    Well i didnt think anything of it until my friend (whose son went to school with my son) text me and said her son was asking why my son had a login name/nickname of "ten incher!!!"

    We did howl over it till i explained he would have known was 10 incher meant lol!

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Take care



  • well ... if that doesnt make you smile .. nothing will .. :)

    hope todays a better day for you , sylvi .. ..xx

  • I think andy wishes for a "ten incher" and yes that has made me smile andy and jo.xxx

  • ive already got one .. thank you .. ( lol ) xx :)

  • I hope you are all feeling better. Must be something in the air as I also had an awful flare last week as well. My hands and legs were swollen and I had a lump on my arm. I also felt that I had blisters on the tops of my fingers. Was putting it all down to my methtx but it has all died down.

  • Sam, i think we all must be in a flare at the moment. My hands are now feeling stiff. I slept last night,but boy i am so tired today. I have been to my diet class and to pschyio this afternoon and he is very pleased with me and i am getting the strengh back into my leg at last.

    I spoke to my rheumy nurse at lunch time and she was very sympathethic with me,she just told to keep doing what i was doing and to get another blood test done as the last one showed i was still in flare. I don't feel as bad as i did over the weekend,but i still don't feel the top of my game yet.xxx

  • Hi Sylvia, hope you are feeling better today. I have got odd joints which are painful - never rhyme or reason as to which ones it will be! It always seems to take a few days to settle down once a flare is over.

    It is very mild here so hope the milder weather will help you as well. Glad to see your leg is improving.

    Love LavendarLadyx

  • Lavender Lady, i don't feel as bad as i did saturday thank goodness,i am still not as good as i should be. The good news is i lost a 1lb in weight this week,and my psychio is very pleased with my progress on my knee. Now my feet are staring to burn a bit. Well never mind i live.xxx

  • Sylvi when do you next see your rheumy consultant? Have you asked them about trying anti-tnf drugs such as Enbrel or Humira or Cimzia or have they ever mentioned them? I think you are flaring too much and they should try you on the newer drugs which are meant to be more effective. They are very expensive though so some people like Alison have to go on a big journey with all the DMARDs first. It would be worth asking though don't you think? Tilda x

  • I go the first week of march,but i have spoke to her and i have had a blood test done this afternoon. She was sympathic with me and we will see what happens nexts.xxx

  • My friends little boy who is only 2.was playing happily in the living room.

    When my friend says " Joeseph learned a new word with daddy today"

    Tell Carole you new word son.

    So little Joseph.. lifts up daddy binoculars.

  • And looks through the binoculars and says in a loud clear voice. BOOBIES..... ha ha....was she embarrassed... ha ha.

  • Who's a naughty girl!!!!!!

  • Ok here goes ......

    a piece of grubby tarmac goes into a pub, swaggers up to the bar and says in a loud voice "give us a pint of bitter and make it quick. I've been on the M6 all day being run over by lorries". A bit later another, meaner bit of tarmac walked in and said " a pint of stout and hurry up about it. On the M25 again today - round and round without bloody let up". The second bit of tarmac joined the first bit and they dominated the pub with their bawdy jokes and lewd comments. A while later a slender bit of pink tarmac walked in and said in a squeaky little voice " a half of lemonade please bar tender". The first two tarmacs went quiet and very pale and quickly drank up and ran out. As they were leaving the barman asked what the hurry was. "You want to watch that one mate" they said "he's a complete cycle path!"

    Well you did ask for it Sylvie. Hope you're feeling a bit better today. Pat x

  • Pat that made me smile,thanks.xxxx

  • hi sylvi ,

    heres one for you

    walking my dogs round a park , it was so soggy & muddy my little mini dachshund got plastered in mud. i was paddling in puddle with my staffie and i must have hole in me welly ! got a soggy foot .

    went to me dads then my staffie ( Joey ) threw up all over me mums best rug , lol .

    what a day , but , the cuppa tea i got was worth it . done it all again today , lol.....xxx

  • oh , and thank you sooo much for being there when i first rambled on , with my woes ... now im here for you too , kisses

  • Thank you ladies. I had a blood test done yesterday and i have had a call today telling me i have to have another blood test next week as something was too high. I'm not sure if it was potassuim or not. I will ring in the mornin g to check what it was. Hope you all are better than me at the moment. Mollie i can just see you in your wellies,what was the song called "theres a hole in my shoe" xxxx

  • Sylvi, I've just got back from swimming at my local pool, I've been going elsewhere for a couple of weeks out of sheer embarrassment because the last time I went to the local place I got bitten by a rat & the sad fact is I stupidly brought it on myself.

    How it happened: heard shrieks while I was swimming and women started running out of the ladies' changing room, 2 male pool attendants went in. By the time I got out there was pandemonium - the 2 men were on hands and knees with a tupperware box, both red in the face from the effort of trying to get what they referred to as a 'mouse' out from under the door. And I have a bloody stupid tendency to interfere. I told them to open the door and use my t-shirt to throw over mouse when it appeared. They opened door, 'mouse' made a dash away from us, t-shirt thrown but missed and 'mouse' ran towards me. I pounced, grabbed it, it sunk its teeth in. Only when it was hanging from my finger & blood was running down my wrist did it occur to me that it was a mighty meaty mouse. And I also remembered that I take immune-suppressant drugs. I was so dismayed that I slipped & nearly knocked myself out on a soap-dispenser.

    Once it was in the box me & an attendant who keeps pet rats took a look & decided that of course it was a young rat, feisty and beefy. On the way home my husband kept opening his mouth to say something but no words came out.

    I traipsed off to GP for a tetanus injection. The practice nurses queued up for a good laugh. One asked if I'd included 'Rat Catcher' on my CV.

    Bizarrely, a woman had freely admitted that the rat had probably come in with her in her bag as her house is so infested! Apparently it happens to her all the time(??!!)

    I nearly posted about this on here at the time but it sounds so ridiculous I wondered if I'd be believed but maybe, just maybe, you'll see the funny side of this as I do!

    Luce xx

    PS - no ill effects!

  • You are one brave lady luce,i don't think you would get me near it. At least you cheered a few people up including me.xxx

  • my husband wants to leave me because ive got RA ????????????? how ridiculous and bizzare is that

  • That is so sad darling.xxxx

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