Never too old to Rock.. but can get sent home from work!!

Had a REALLY bad night with severe pains everywhere, managed to shuffle into work only to have to be driven home within half an hour as I was in a real mess- hands locked, hyper ventilating, burning hot, knees and hips cracking every time I move, and seriously in pain. Worst day for a while. Now sat alone at home in agony and need to release some pent up emotion hence this rant, can't remember the last time I cried, after all I am a hard rocking metalhead, but today, well I need a dark room to just let everything out.

in agony, so tired, depressed and concerned over my job. \m/ \m/

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  • sorry to hear you are feeling down at the moment. If you would like to talk things through further, please feel free to ring our Helpline on 0800 298 7650.

  • Very sorry that your in so much pain but you need to rest now and forget about work for the moment , if things don't get better ring your go or go to a+e if you can ,this disease really kicks you in the teeth sometimes xxx

  • thanks, rang my Doc and now awaiting a return call.

    Feel as stressed as stressed thing that lives on stressed street in stressedville!

    have a good day

  • How are you feeling now ? Flares are so horrid xx

  • I really cant suggest anything different than whats been said - I hope you manage to get some pain killers today and manage to get some rest. Like you I worry constantly about keeping my job - do let us know how you go on - I will be thinking of you

    ps I have rang the help line a couple of times and they were kind supportive etc take care xx


  • absolutely shattered, really stressed and not moved out of a chair for about an hour so dreading having to get up as I know the pain will kick in again, just feel useless to myself.

    thankfully there are good people on here like yourself who can relate to what's happening, my biggest concern is how my employer will take to me having time off and how long they will put up with it, only been in the new job 7 weeks!

  • Hi metalhead, the Equality Act will apply to you so even if your new boss gets p***ed off with you taking time off, they can't sack you because of it. It might be worth speaking to them to see if there are any adjustments they can make for you to enable you to be able to do your job such as working from home on bad days or flexible hours. Keep rocking \m/

  • always rocking and rolling, love my music and it keeps me going through bad days. the metal family is just like the family we have on this site - close knit and supportive to each other x \m/ \m/

  • :( feel so much for you. The stress of losing your job doesn't help. The only thing we can hope for is removing those awful selfish people in government and get one in to reverse all the bad they have done. That's all I live for now.

  • Dr's appointment for this afternoon for IM depo-Medrone injections, need to have a proper chat with him

  • You will be amazed how much better you feel in a couple of days and I hope you have weekends off X

  • no weekend off, daren't have 2 days off in a row, going to have to be in no matter what I'm like tomorrow so just hope the meds kick in quickly this afternoon x

  • Oh no! For me 24-48 HR kick in time xx try to rest and take breaks if you can . Take painkillers that won't make you drowsy xx

  • things don't get done around the house by themselves but will definitely make sure I have a good few breaks in between, thanks for your concern xx

  • Sending you a big gentle cyber hug 🤗🤗🤗🤗 Hope you get pain relief soon. X

  • yeah, you and me both! think this might be the first time I've actually looked forward to an injection x

  • Hi I got one last Tuesday to tide me over until my Biologics screening but it's done it's course already and I'm racked in pain again and biting everybody's head off which is really getting me down and for the past week I've been up during the night

  • seriously feel for you being up through the night, things are bad enough in the daytime without getting a double whammy of night as well. just had the jab done so look forward to some relief

    good luck to you

  • Oh darling when the bad days hit they are mega bad aren't they. Big gentle hugs from me.xxxx

  • Hi

    I'm in the same boat at the moment totally house bound. More than worried about my job as I've never been off sick before. That is worrying me to death. Been off a week nearly a week now have had doctors appointment and emergency appointment at the hospital and feeling a little bit more positive now. My point being as that two days ago I was ready to totally give up. Now I am feeling like things are picking up and I'm opening the door from that dark room I've been in and coming out into the open again ( although a little scary ) I'm getting there and I've decided to stop worrying about my job and concentrate on me .you should do the same. We are all here to talk to and your not on your own .hope you feel better soon .there is light at the end of the tunnel .

    Dee x

  • Hi

    So sorry your feeling like this I'm exactly were you are .I'm house bound at the moment and two days ago ready to give up .but appointment with Doctor and emergency one with specialist nurse I now have a bit of hope . I too worry about work but all of my friends saying think of you n not your job and I'm finally doing that. You are more important, we are all here to help and chat to. Things will improve get the help you need that you are doing . You will come through this .

    Take care

    D X

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