I can,t log on to site on lap top but can on phone?

When I try I,m told account not verified, I can,t open a new account as suggested by health unlocked because it then tells me I have an account already!

Any suggestions?

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  • Oh, strange as now my profile pictures gone! I am still here!

  • I think you need to email HeathUnlocked Williby - there must have been some computer glitch. Haven't seen you about for ages so really keen to learn all your news. Hope it all resolves asp. Tilda xx

  • pass word?

  • do you still have the email which you got when you joined? you could try verifing you r account by clicking on that link?

  • if you can get into your account via phone, maybe you could try to change your password - that might work.

    if you still cant get in i can only think of setting up another account with your phone and a using different email address because your old email will be linked to this account. good luck!

  • Maybe clean out your cookies? Or check security settings? Or find a six year old who will sort it instantly....

  • Williby where have you gone? I can't even PM you now. Tilda xx

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