Never too old to Rock... but can get refused PIP

Well the letter came today with a "sorry, computer says no" headline on it, and what a load of nonsense and utter lies are in the letter. Apparently I can prepare food like beans on toast perfectly normally, strange that as I cannot remember the last time I was able to use a tin opener due to the pains in my hands, apparently I can manage my medication, yes I can take the meds, but only after my brother has opened the bottles for me and put all the different tablets into little plastic trays (I even showed "the nurse" a picture of them all lined up in small trifle trays), apparently no muscle wastage was evident in my lower limbs so she must have x-ray vision as I was wearing trousers and was never asked to show my legs, nothing has been mentioned about the fact my left hand was locked on the day I was there but I apparently had normal power and pinch in my hands, or the fact my 2 outer fingers on my right hand are pulling away from my middle finger and that my right foot is becoming disfigured with bones sticking out, I said on the day it was a waste of time and I've been proved right - as the PIP saying goes "if they're not bleeding, they're misleading" \m/ \m/

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  • The whole process sounds awful. You will appeal won't you?

    I have my forms to fill in but pretty sure I won't get anywhere.

  • Appeal, appeal, appeal! But how awful to be put through this.

    Dotty x

  • Appeal,appeal,appeal as it sounds like they never saw you in the first place. Go to D.I.A.L and get them to help you write your appeal and support you in your appeal.xxxx

  • This system is broken. Yet again it is being posted on here, by someone else going through the process that the PIP assessment is full of inconsistencies and lies.

    I heard on the radio the other day that you can tape the assessment but it has to be on a recording machine that does two copies at once, leaving one copy with the assessor as you leave [ apparently to stop any tampering afterwards}. These machines are apparently obsolete!!

    Being turned down for PIP is hard, being turned down based on lies is just a way to save money at the expense of people with a disability.

    Could you involve your MP in your appeal.

  • I've heard you can't record the interview but that you can take someone with you. I wonder what they would say if that person were able to use shorthand and leave a copy of that! Bit archaic but would challenge them. Also why aren't the interviews automatically recorded anyway?

  • It would make it transparent if they did. Telephone calls to DWP are recorded why not the PIP assessment.

    This guy I was listening to had taken a friend with her who took copious notes.The assessor refused to sign them I assume she was given the opportunity to read them first.

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