NW Scotland sunsets and a bit of knee progress

NW Scotland sunsets and a bit of knee progress

This is what we saw when we looked up from the news at 10.30 the other night, quite amazing. Rather gaudy!

I've had my post op and they seemed fine, but stressed that I should not push myself too much just stay within my comfort zone. I have had quite a bit of RA inflammation despite the rituximab infusions, but have hit it with ibuprofen and found that my walking and getting up has been much easier. So much so that I've been able to take part in the shopping for the first time in two and a half years.

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  • Wow! It looks stunning in a photo but would look really tacky in a painting.

    I wish I could take Ibuprofen, but they ( and Aspirin) make my stomach bleed.

    Good news about your follow up appointment. I hope I don't have to see the pre-admissions person again. She was like Hattie Jacques!




  • Was she bossy? I saw several people before the op and was grateful for a diversion as the waiting was the tedious bit. One of the nurses was Welsh so we had a bit of fellow feeling.

    There's quite a bit of acrylic painting that uses these colours for the tourist trade...

  • Glad to see your doing well after op keep it going xxx

  • Beautiful photo Cathy. Looks a little eerie and stunning at the same time.

    Good news about your post op. appointment. Not so sure about the shopping, I avoid it when possible, because I just end up sitting down until my husband finishes. But if you have not been able to do it for 2.1/2 years, it must feel like a big achievement when you can.

    Best Wishes


  • Living in the northwest of Ireland Cathie I know exactly what you mean about sunsets. I was giving one of my brothers in the US a tour of my newly arranged garden (all done while in the midst of Prednisolone mania) at 10.20 last night on my iPad FaceTime. Our sunsets, when we have the sun that is, can be breathtaking. If there is a 'shepherd's' sunset my entire garden is bathed in gold! I can't begin to describe it but I walk around my garden simply in awe, words can't express the natural beauty.......I'm away with myself again.

    I'm delighted you are now seeing some reward for all that you have been through Cathie and can enjoy the beautiful Ullipool. All the best darlin, I think of you often. Jean. XX

  • I Hope you don't suffer from the Scottish midges! My husband who had childhood holidays in Donegal says not quite as bad as here...

    One thing about being through a rubbish time is that small gains can seem amazing, even going to the supermarket! I hope you're ok too.

  • No thankfully it isn't so bad here. You can see them flying about in clusters but they don't attack you the way they do over there. Many years ago I got a puncture on my mini on my way back to Glasgow from Loch Loman. I unknowingly just got out to see the damage and within seconds I was devoured and had to escape back into the car......don't really remember what happened but I made it back to Glasgow anyhow. I think someone stopped to help me but I just don't remember.

    I understand completely about how the little things can be the most enjoyable. When my disease was first brought under control going into the town and seeing so many people dashing from shop to shop was amazing to me.

    You are on the mend now and hopefully will be back on top form. XX

  • I'll try to keep posting on progress or developments! I unpacked the shopping too the other day and reorganised the fridge! I must keep a tally of such milestones.

  • Just don't over do things.....J XX

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