RA and a bit of retail therapy

OK, you lovely people. I have taken your advice and been on a shopping fest with BF. I have returned with nothing. The experience was interesting.

I decided to treat myself to new bedding with my Xmas money. My thinking was I could writhe around in bed with RA pain but with the added comfort of looking like the cover of 'Beautiful Interiors' magazine.

Planning and preparation.

1. Donned my new Xmas boots with my feet squealing with joy 'We can walk!'

2. Still waiting for side effects of MTX, so prepared in advance by putting sick bag and bottle of water on back seat.

3. Instructed said BF that If i squeal 'BARF' while clocking 70mph on the M1, she is to hold said sick bag open under chin. (Mine not hers.)

The Journey

1. Driving up the M! at 70mph is really difficult in wrist splints.

2. However, said wrist splints are awesome when sending V sign to unscrupulous male drivers. They are luminous blue and immediately attract attention.

3. Constantly checking in rearview mirror for yellowing of the eyes and eruptions of the plague is not good especially when M1 is lined with traffic cones.

4. BF explored sick bag (supermarket carrier) and announced it had holes.

Arrival at destination.

1. Said BF is fag-ash-Lil and lit up as soon as we hit the carpark. I'm a recent non-smoker. I'm questioning whether she is my BF.

2. BF skips lightly up the stairs while I wait for the lift which takes 4 hours to arrive from one floor up.

3. I hate all the bedding. She cleans the store out of their entire stock.

Back home.

1. There's a parcel waiting in my porch...yippee I'm not totally empty handed!

2. I open it with excitement.

3. It is a ladies pee bottle.

4. Oh god...

I had discreetly mentioned to my lovely mum that I sometimes struggle to get to the loo at night with my dysfunctional joints...big mistake! I can now wear my new pee bottle proudly like a hip flask. Just hope I don't get the two mixed up...

Samcat :0

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Ha ha lol, this made me laugh so much, nice blog Samcat :0) xx


Great blog, bed pan better than pee bottle, just nick a hospital one next time you get chance. I had the indignity of needingoecafter my recent op. Still have bot, could nt use, modern bed pan with lid was the business.

Xx gina


LOL thanks for the giggle x great blog x


You want to take up comedy writing. Your a natural at it. It was a lovely blog sam long may it continue. You put into words what happens to a lot of us. It is a great blog and soooo funny.

Love sylvi.xx


Sam you're a great bonus to this site - love the lists. TTx


Or put it on a shoulder strap and use the pee bottle as a party accessory to collect all the alcoholic drinks you're given that you can't touch. Px


Bless all of you. If I can raise a smile, then that's good enough for me. This disease is vile at the best of times, but I'm trying hard to see the funny side of it - not always easy and I'm still working on it!


Samcat XXX


Your blogs make me smile keep it up!!.. they do some nice bedding in catalogues such as jd williams.. they have a web site too!.. so you might get some from the comfort of your arm chair! xx


Sam, You are a treasure! It's always wonderful to sign on here in the morning and have a laugh and a smile waiting. Thanks! Loret


ROFL!! Axx


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