The end of a flare?!

Hello All,

Fairly newish here and not had official diagnosis, yet! I posted recently about my symptoms and blood result showing high RF and that I was anxious to get 1st appointment with Rheumy. I now have appt 11th July :-(too long!)

I have felt dreadful since mid march, have been on naproxen since beg April, topping up with paracetamol on occasions then almost daily in past 10 days til Sunday. Fatigue and Brain fog has been quite debilitating as well. However on Monday morning I woke up feeling that I was "normal" again?! Hardly any inflammation, stiffness or pain. The fog had lifted and for the first time in ages I feel refreshed and had some energy, yippee!

Is it that I've been in a flare for the last 2 months and it's over for now? Is it normal to have some good days like these? Even before you started DMARDS or steroids did you get a bit of respite similar to this?

I would be very grateful to hear your experiences. It is so reassuring to hear from others who understand when I feel quite scared and alone with this. Thank you.

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  • Hiya Bertie. Pleased to hear you're feeling on the better side, but fear it is as you suspect it's been a flare that has subsided. If you've had a particularly busy time that can also have had an impact. I checked back on your post regarding your RF (which was pretty high) & although not alone considered a definitive diagnosis, it is an indication & all your other symptoms do point to RD. I don't think your GP would have referred you to a Specialist if he wasn't suspicious either. The naproxen & paracetamol have most likely eased your symptoms but it if you do have RD it is important to start you on traditional meds to protect you for the future. Just a note, my GP put me on basic anti-inflammatories & pain killers when my RF bloods came back positive before attending my first consultancy but told me to stop taking them a week before the appointment for a true reading of inflammation in blood & urine tests. I did have some good days before starting my regime but less than bad I have to admit but I was diagnosed in August & we had particularly high humidity at the time which I learnt later does exacerbate my symptoms.

    Hope you continue feeling well but bear in mind to try not to overdo things.

  • Thank you NMH, really appreciate your input. I've been fairly convinced myself that all the arrows point to RD. Maybe because I'd upped the paracetamol it's had more of an affect than I expected! I'm possibly in denial and trying to convince myself it's not happening?! If only.

    I'll speak to GP about stopping meds before seeing consultant. I'm going to London to see Robbie Wiiliams 2 days before appt, it was never going to be a good time!

    Lee x

  • You lucky girl, would love to see the Robster! I have many of his CD's & dvds of his live shows. Just hope that if your GP sanctions coming off naproxen & paracetamol you're not in too much discomfort, just hope the "rush" will take over for the night. :)

    Keep us updated on your appointment with the Rheumy & the concert.

  • Good news, Robbie must have called the consultant to say that my appointment wasn't convenient!! I'm being seen now on 10th June, not by Robbie by consultant! Lx

  • What a thoughtful chap he is! Enjoy & we expect a full report :)

  • Just realised - your appointment's been brought forward. Result. You must remember to thank him when he takes you out for your after show dinner!!

  • Hiya, hopefully it is a flare and it's settled now....perhaps it's gone for good!! I must admit, in the early days before meds, I didn't get remissions at all. I was in bloody agony all the time!

    Still, make the most of it anyway, while you're feeling better it will help the time go before your appt. with your Consultant. You don't really want to see him/her while you're in a good period!

  • Thank you Cattledog, agree I don't want to be skipping into the Rheumy appt so as NMH says I'll try and stop the nap and par before I go if GP thinks it's reasonable.

    I was googling viral rheumatism and reactive rheumatism yesterday hoping it may well have gone for good, no such luck!!

    Lee x

  • Think as you have rheumatoid factor in your blood you probably hAve it. But docs will check you out. I saw RA doc a year before I woke up one morning and knew I had it! They said it was quite mild . Unfortunately mine did come back with a vengeance but plenty of people do have only a few flares and are lucky and need minimal treatments xxx

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