Being a bit brazen here - urinary devices

I've been off all meds except pred since the beginning of the year. This has resulted in the meltdown of my diabetes with implications for my waterworks. Up and down to the loo rather too much, even when I try to manage my sugar levels. Combined with an inflamed osteo knee. Anyway in desperation I looked at websites for 'urinary devices' remembering that many years ago the suffragettes developed a funnel thing so they could pee standing up out of train windows (!!) A lively lot I suspect. Anyway there is such a thing, advertised for festivals, to avoid dirty loos and long distance walking.

I've just tried it out and it does work, and might save my knees a bit. I wonder if any of you have tried this?

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  • Yes a she wee! Of course at Glasto and Leeds!! There is another one called toilet John that collect the ursine in a gel under the opening , works brilliantly.


  • I was going bonkers getting up and sitting down on the loo! Painful knees. Then I thought that I dont need to do this. ANd maybe I can kid myself when I come out of the loo Ill be at Womad or something!

  • Cathie, maybe you have an irritable bladder too which your GP can give you medication for. Clemmie

  • Thanks, I will check this out. Its been a nightmare - mainly the RA stiffness.

  • The she wee!!! We have one in our office (I am a nurse) and I have to admit that it has given us hours of amusement! I always threaten to use it on long car journeys! Glad it has come in handy for you, I have ever met anyone brave enough to try it out before. Have you ruled out infection making you pee so frequently? Hope you get your diabetes under control asap x.

  • Yes I've checked out on the infection, I think its the diabetes running wild on the steroids. Fun isn't it this lark.

    I'm enjoying using it but aware that its not a long term answer. But relief for my knees.

  • I think whatever makes life easier for you !!!

  • Ah an easy life, wouldn't that be grand. Am going to have to practice more with this thingy. Enough said!

  • Latest - I radically reduced my sugar intake yesterday, blood sugars right down now and the meltdown seems to have abated. But its worth being aware that steroids can send diabetes into a spin.

  • My husband has diabetes & is generally good controlling his sugar intake, avoiding specific saccharin, avoiding fructose & glucose etc, simple sugars. But I make Nanaimo Bars now & again which are very sweet & he can't resist them but I've noticed of late it does affect him more when he cheats. He's not on steroids but he does take other meds as he has central sensitization. Just wondering if there's any connection.

  • I'll be a bit careful because this isn't strictly RA.My additional steroid while I wait to go back on to biologics has doubled my blood sugar levels. My GP was very aware of the effect, less so the rheumy. But I will be much more careful next time. Just pulling back on all sugary things has had an impact.

  • Yes, sorry about that, not thinking. Just common sense I suppose watching sugar intake. He's generally sensible with diet cause he knows the consequences but now again.......! We all have a life to live when we have medical problems but it's just frustrating knowing what does & doesn't have an effect without trying as he's not long been diagnosed with CS & so still getting used to his meds. His mum used to say "we all eat a peck of dirt before we die".

  • Hi Cathie. It is so good to have a giggle when reading a post on this site. No I haven't tried one of these funnels yet but I might just have a go. Many thanks, you've made my day.

  • Oh good - a bit up and down here, but OK basically. Thinking positive thoughts about the spring etc.

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