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Ongoing flare - naproxen doesn’t work!


Hello all, I’m writing just to get this off my chest at the end of a very painful day! I’ve had an ongoing flare for several months and have just been prescribed naproxen which doesn’t seem to work at all. I’ve been taking it for two days twice a day and The pain is worse each day, I can’t sleep in the morning and have to get up I’m in such agony especially in my shoulders. I was using ibuprofen before this which I actually felt less pain on but had wrongly thought naproxen would be the silver bullet until I start on imraldi in the next few weeks. Can it be the case that ibuprofen works better for me than naproxen?

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It’s possible although I think it’s more likely that your flare is getting worse. I see from a previous post that you have tapered your steroids down and that you were on Sulphasalazine and Hydroxychlorine. If you’re no longer on any of these then I think that is likely to be the cause of your problems.

JoH80 in reply to Lolabridge

Ok thanks. Damn it...

I feel for you JoH80. Naproxen doesn’t work for me either. Like you I find Ibuprofen worked for me better.

JoH80 in reply to DianeMH

I’m going to swap back to ibuprofen today. I had to take two lots of paracetamol during the night to sleep which at least took the edge off it! Thanks for sharing your experience!

To get some sleep when it’s bad, I have Tramadol which the GP prescribed. I only take it occasionally but it works well to give me a good 6 hours. If I can sleep, i can cope better during the day.

JoH80 in reply to mhlmom

I’ll investigate

I feel for you!

I can remember trying naproxen, way back at the very beginning and it did nothing.

The only anti inflammatory that has made any significant difference to me is arcoxia. It’s the one tablet, if I don’t take, I absolutely know about it.

Maybe have another chat with your GP / rhuemy. You shouldn’t have to suffer this way.

Wishing you better times, soon x

JoH80 in reply to Eiram50

Will give them a bell and thanks for the good wishes!

Can you put your steroids up?

I take an anti-inflams especially for RA called Etoricoxib 60mg per day. Its really good.

JoH80 in reply to Kikideelili

I’m tapering steroids to finish in Sept in anticipation of starting this biologic. I’ve been on steroids for ages and keen for a break if possible

Kikideelili in reply to JoH80

That doesn't make sense to me. The biologic could take 12 weeks to work.

Moog73 in reply to Kikideelili

Morning kikidee, I was gonna post the same thing.

After coming off steroids way back, I feel this is the one tablet I wouldn't want to drop.

I was on 90mg now down to 60mg.

Have a good day all😀

Kikideelili in reply to Moog73

Hi moog

Yes I was on 90mg too but the gp says because of the risk with anti - inflams and coronary heart disease he said everyone has been put down to 60mg.

When I hurt my back last Dec I was given 30mg tablets so I was able to add that in for a few weeks.

Moog73 in reply to Kikideelili

I get get lots of ulcers from all the different medicines 💊, not sure which ones cause this.

Kikideelili in reply to Moog73

Oh no poor you.

I don’t get any relief at all from painkillers during a flare. Over the years I’ve had high dose (as in 800mg 3 times a day on GP’s advice) ibuprofen, naproxen, diclofenac, codeine, prescription strength cocodamol, and even tramadol, although having had that a couple of times post operatively, I don’t respond to tramadol for anything tbh. The only thing that’s ever provided any relief at all during a flare is pred, and the combination of DMARDs I’m on right now, although that’s to a lesser degree than the pred was achieving, even if I hated the way it made me feel generally. If you’re literally only taking NSAIDs in the middle of a bad flare, I don’t think you’re likely to find much relief. Did they tell you to stop anything/everything else you were on prior to starting the imraldi? I’m still new to arthritis, but from what I do know, that would seem a little bit daft under the circumstances.

JoH80 in reply to Charlie_G

I’ll be stopping hydroxychloroquine and the steroids once I begin with imraldi and obviously trying to be very optimistic that this will get things back under control 😁

loglegmomma in reply to JoH80

My husband has found that hydroxychloroquine gives him terrible muscle aches & spasms, so you may feel better without it.

JoH80 in reply to loglegmomma

It has really been worse than useless for me so I’m up for any changes right now 😁

Naproxen never touched me at all. Worth talking through your frustration with your team. Not all drugs work for everybody and I tend to always check how 'quick' the response will be to GP scripts and if no change go back and try something else. This is not the same to RA drugs as they have a longer time frame.

Naproxen has an accumulative effect, keep taking it for a week, by then it should be effective, if not you will know you need something else.

JoH80 in reply to Brushwork

Thanks for the info, I’ll persevere a few more days just to see

Sadly only steroid injections or a course of steroids seem to help me and my friends with RA.

Rashford20 in reply to 2210

Steroid injections are like going on a holiday

JoH80 in reply to Rashford20

I had one when I was first diagnosed and it was incredible but I had another in December and it did nothing! I was gutted! I was expecting that holiday 😁

I’ve had RA for many’s years and take all sorts of meds. If when I have a really bad flare I always always find 2 anadin extra soluble in warm wAter is the best for quick pain releif. Also nurofen plus are the best when the agony builds . I’m on rituximab which has really helped me. Sounds like you need your steroids as well to calm things for now . Hope this helps

I would suggest etoricoxib. Two people have already suggested it above. I find it excellent.

J1707 in reply to Anniebl24

My Gp won’t prescribe Etoricoxib even though I can’t take naproxen or ibuprofen

Kikideelili in reply to J1707

It's an anti inflamm so if you can't take naproxen maybe that's why. Why can't you take naproxen?

J1707 in reply to Kikideelili

It gives me tinnitus 🙄 I was given Etoricoxib in hospital but none will prescribe it now

Kikideelili in reply to J1707

Maybe it would do the same. Does the tinnitus go away when you stopped it?

J1707 in reply to Kikideelili

It did go away about 3 weeks after my last tablet but was told not to take it again

Kikideelili in reply to J1707

Glad it went away 👍

I've been on Methotrexate for years and also 5mg of prednisone every day. This usually keeps the flares at bay. If I do get a flare I Dose with prednisone usually 25 mg and lower by 5 mg per day.

JoH80 in reply to Cfor

That’s interesting I hadn’t realised that’s an option

Kikideelili in reply to Cfor


Generally if you get flares it means your treatment isn't working anymore and it's time for a change. No drug seems to stick with me I've been on at least 10 so far.

I'm not allowed NSAIDS or Ibufren as allergic to it. But I had Shingles last year and it was hot burning agony over small of back down to knee and back up to groin. Pregabalin was like a magic bullet. Worked a treat but had to be tapered which was no big deal could be worth asking about that.

My dad was prescribed amitriptyline for his shingles pain. He said he didn't know if it stopped the pain or made him not care 😉

Could be lol x

I thought naproxen would be stronger but my gp told me that they just prescribe naproxen because it is cheaper for the NHS than ibuprofen. I truly hope your flare subsides.

Kikideelili in reply to Elmo333

Brufen can't be taken long term.

Yes I have been on both but ibuprofen suited me better. I still take my other meds and also have swappped from Enbrel injections to baricitinib tablets but still need to take ibuprofen

I take Etodolac 600mg slow release anti-inflammatory. There is an accumulative effect with this as there is with Naproxen. No quick fixes unfortunately.

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