Hi everyone haven't been on here for a while with work etc but I'm currently off work because I'm flaring, was just after some advice I currently get pip money for the daily living allowance but now my specialist has thrown in oestoathritis as well, as my knee has always been painful but even more so at the minute, was debating to phone  them up & explain my circumstances have changed can't really walk far, relay on taxis was just wondering if it would be worthwhile or just leave it till they review it in January. Just after some advice X gentle hugs Michelle X

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  • My view would be your needs have changed, not for the better. It is affecting your walking. Ask to be reviewed.

    Have you got the NRSA booklet on applying it might be worth looking at first.

    Good Luck.

  • No I haven't but thank you for your answer x

  • No problem you can order the booklet on line or possibly download it.

  • If your Rheumy is happy to put in a letter your OA is ow making mobility worse I would call them and proceed . Look at the Nras booklet and see if your worsening mobility will give you points to change your circumstances and if so proceed. You are supposed to report changes good or bad to them anyway X 

  • Read the Benefits and Work website.

  • I highly recommend the benefits and work web site too and used there advice for my pip claim. I paid there membership fee to download there full advice book. It's the best advice I got. The rules relating to mobility are very tight, much harder to get now than previously for disability living allowance.

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