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Bad cough and phelm

Hi Beeper here. For a number of weeks I have woken with a dry mouth.  The doctor calls it potty mouth. Nose bunged up, I have to cough to clear it and blow my nose. During the day I bring up phelm and have a tickly cough. It makes me tired. I have seen the doctor and nurse all they say is my chest is clear and take cough meds from chemist. Still not working. Please has anyone suffered this and what's the cure. Also as all our amoun system's are bad, what vitamins would you suggest I take. I have had Ra a number of years and put up with it but turning 65 in July I feel it's is getting harder with age. Thanks for all the help in the past. 

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Hi Beeper, sorry to hear that you're have a rough time of it. I take vitamin C when like that and warm baths with eucalyptus oil in it and I also rub Vicks into the soles of my feet before putting warm socks on. And finally plenty of rest.

I hope it shifts soon

All the best



Please be careful about trying to boost your immune system - the drugs we take for the RD are intended to suppress our overactive immune system, so it doesn't make sense to try to counteract that. But, I agree that makes it difficult getting rid of infections.

Have you tried washing out your nose with a saline wash? You can buy saline nasal sprays in the chemist (convenient), or make up your own (cheaper). Used fairly frequently it will wash out the sticky stuff in your nose and help with that bunged up nose making you sleep with your mouth open.

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I had a cough & cold for about a month it wouldn't shift so made Docs appointment, I actually ended up having 3 Doctor appointments saw a different Doctor each time, however they all gave me a thorough examination, had chest xray, bloods taken etc., I had to have antibiotics for a week, still didn't clear so had a different type of antibiotics for another week.  I also had stomach pains/ache so have been taking pills for that too ! I have taken my last antibiotic pill today (have 2 days stomach pills left) I still have a tickly cough and coughing up phlegm, and I still have stomach cramps.  This all happened at the same time, and at the very beginning before I rang my Doctors I was really concerned so I rang 111.

I have had to stop taking Methatrexate whilst taking antibiotics and stomach pills, but still taking paracetmol, gabapentin and tramadol.  I'm still have RA aches and pains with not taking Mxt but I think the Mxt is the problem why I keep having colds, sickness and diahorrea.  

All the Doctor said was that I had a chest infection, didn't mention the cause of stomach cramps.


HI Beeper.  I'm sorry to hear of your problems.  I don't have RA but I do have COPD and quite often get a dry mouth and the other symptoms you describe.  I can't offer anything too positive in a medical sense, but I find sucking a strepsil (the ones for cough and sore throat) helps ease the cough, and drinking lots of water will help the dry mouth.  As for the bunged up nose, try putting a drop of Olbas on a hank and inhaling it.  I have found this to be effective.  I hope this has helped.


I take Zrytec and Nasonex for my sinuses and use Biotene for my dry mouth. I chew gum on occasion and carry Chapstick. I have it under control at least. Good luck!



As you have RA which is an autoimmune condition I was just wondering if ,due to the constant dry mouth etc for number of weeks,you may have developed secondary Sjogrens another of the autoimmune/connective tissue disorders.

I only say this as I have managed to collect the diagnosis of RA,Lupus,Sjogrens,Raynauds on top of my inherited Ehlers Danlos.The main symptom that got rheumy checking for secondary Sjogrens was the dry mouth.Other symptoms were dry eyes,cough,gastric issues.

May not be that of course but might be worth an ask if it continues .


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