Chest infection

Hi All, I have RA and am on 12.5mg of methotrexate by injection. I also have Asthma. At the moment I feel as if I have the start of a chest infection and wondered if I can take Clarithromycin with this.  I was in hospital this time last year with a chest infection and very bad asthma attack so have these antibiotics in. These were prescribed by the hospital in case I needed them.

Mary x

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  • Hiya Mary. That you've recognised it is good, I hope it doesn't progress as it did last time. We shouldn't really advise on things like this, that said although you've been prescribed clairthromycin before I would think it's best to be seen just in case it's the appropriate antibiotic in this instance. Do you have a walk in centre close or alternatively you could phone 111. Being a bank holiday your Surgery won't be open on Monday will it & I think that would be leaving it too long anyway, you don't want it to get a hold. Or as you were given them by the hospital could you call the ward where you were? We've done that before & received advice in a similar situation.

    Take care & I hope you manage to receive professional advice. x

  • Thank you so much for that. I have just realised that I was prescribed these antibiotics before I was diagnosed with RA. I think I should call 111 

    Mary x

  • I think that's wise particularly you were prescribed them before you were taking your RD meds. Also I thought afterwards they may be out of date & antibiotics really need to freshly prescribed to be potent if you understand. I had some that my GP prescribed after a cold went onto my chest a couple of years ago & she said not to take them but she prescribed the same one. Do let whoever you speak to know you have RD & have a list of your meds handy, they'll probably need to know to advise you. x

  • If your on mtx and take the antibiotics you won't be able to take mtx. I am not sure about other ra drugs. I too am suffering with a chest infetion so i feel for you darling,hugs from me.xxxxx

  • Get better soon Silvi xx

  • Thank you darling.xxxx

  • Thank you everyone, I did see an out of hours dr last night and glad that I did. I do have the start of a chest infection and could have been really ill if I had taken the antibiotics. He prescribed a different one. Here's hoping I caught it before it gets too bad. Happy Sunday all xx


  • Oh good, well not that you have a chest infection but that you were seen & it's being treated appropriately. I hope it knocks it on the head & you're feeling better soon. x

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