Chest infection,what next?

Chest infection,what next?

Well lovely people i have my laptop back up and running. I felt like i had lost my right arm without it. It just goes to show how reliant we become on these gadgets.

Well i went to the doctors last night as i felt so ill. It turns out that i have a chest infection. I think i had it the other week when my regular doctor told me i had a virus. Now it is a full blown infection. I just wonder whats going to happen to me next. Hopefully the antibiotics will have kicked in by xmas so i should start to feel brighter.bI also have had to increase my steroids for three days to six, lovely.

Well people i will write of now and see if i can load a photo for you all. The photo is my son the one with the hat on,on the left.


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Hi Sylvi, sorry you are feeling so rough. Antibiotics should kick in within 48 hours of taking them. don't forget to finish the course completely even if you feel well.

I have not had any chest infections at all although I have had some pretty ropy coughs but the GP has confirmed no infection but to go back if it got worse! How do I know if it is worse? Anyway, last lot of antibiotics was the 4 lots I had for the wisdom tooth so I don't suppose any self respecting germ could get a toehold.

Nice photo - looks as if he has found some sunshine.

Take care and wrap up warm. Have a good Christmas and New Year. Love LavendarLady x


Spoke to him just a little while ago. Hes in in mexico at the moment. That picture was taken at some mayan ruins.

I have to say i was told that i wouldn't get anything like this as much as my inmune system is working overtime, up until now that seems to have been the case.

Sylvi. xxx


Hope you are well for xmas xx


Thank you summer,i'm resting and staying in the warm. xx


Nice picture of your son. You know what?! I bet you'd get rid of that monster in your chest if you joined him in Mexico. Look at all that warming sun! And the internally warming Tacos, etc :)

Seriously, listen to the Lady of the Castle: Be sure to take every last one of the antibiotics, even if you feel you are back to normal. ("Normal?") Ha! Are we ever?


I intend to loretta,i feel so ill. i was supposed to go and see a friend tonight to give her,her xmas gift and i stayed here while bob and grace went instead.Thats how bad i'm feeling. My friend is in her 80s and though i don't think she will catch this i wasn't going to take a chance.

I have to say i miss my son very much,then he's half way through his contract so its countdown now until he comes back.

Love sylvi. xxx


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