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Not been blogging for a week, I have been on hols nowhere just the garden and home. I work part time, did work full time up to two years ago. Full time just got to much. Had to new hips and a shoulder a few years back. For the passed year I have gone from walking short distance to now no distance at all without great pain. I am seeing my RA man on Thursday and going to see what he says but I am finding it impossible to work. I don't want to sit at home and like the income and independence. Like you all I don't want to get in but having had RA since 97 and 60 in July I think I have lost the battle.

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  • Hi Beep, first of all beep you never lose the battle, if you lose RA wins!

    That's my opinion anyway,It's always best to stay in control although it's very difficult at times.

    I've not worked in the years of having RA and that's not through choice, was all about RA being too aggressive and almost taking over my life and the lack of drugs to control the disease. I feel I'm just one of the extremely unlucky ones, quite different know though so many new drugs available.

    As for the lack of finance through not working its' something we as a family have had to deal with we had no choice.

    However, I do miss working, the socialising having a life outside of RA.having a job does give you another release from RA, going to work and being able to take your mind and thoughts away from it, it never goes away we know. Apart from going brain dead!! as I feel I have.

    if you can keep working Beep then please try, if only part time it will help you deal better with RA. That may sound strange I know, as at the moment the pain is probably unbearable but in the end you do what ever feels right. I myself have written similar bloggs you may like to have a look and read some of the comments left there, new people have joined since so you may have different views now. is the link.

    Take care Beep


  • Hi Beeper,

    Iam only 33 and I have been struggling like hell to work for the past 20 months however Ive managed to keep my job even if I have had almost 24 weeks off sick.

    I am hoping for better results from meds soon as Ive recently started Enbrel just over 3 weeks ago, so I hope I can reduce my sick days then and start to spend more time in work than off sick.

    I am determined to keep my job as I know when I do go to work I feel better mentaly and even though I feel more fatigued etc its worth it for the giggle I have with the office staff.

    I had my rheumy nurse offer to have me signed off sick for good about 8 months ago however I told him even if it made me worse some days going in I was worth how I felt mentaly.

    However its a bit different me being only 33 and you are reacing 60, I think I may have felt different if I was at an older age.

    Best off luck in whatever you choose.

  • keep fighting.. im am but losing at moment ,, thinking of you x alison

  • Hi Beep

    I feel for you, going out to work earning money and having the company of others is what our souls need to feel good about ourselves and give us perspective, as well of course the welcome wonga!! All you can do is what you feel able to do, and look after yourself in the meantime.

    Good luck

    Julie x

  • Work is going to force you to get up and get going early in the daytime.

    I was working from home checking in the office every two weeks or

    less. Sometimes every 6 months. I gave up benefits. IT wasn't long

    before I started working in my pajamas and then later and later. Not

    good for the body. I had other things like housework and sleeping in

    that I did and soon it was 10am before I turned the computer on. First

    was emails and then finally I got myself going. I didn't have a schedule

    because I was on complete flex time with a due date attached. I am

    telling you, it's very hard IF YOU ARE PLANNING to do as I did..

    Not working now - we eat healthier meals, the house is cleaner,

    more decorated for the season, Husband doesn't have to help out.

    But I miss the company of others a lot. There are days when I only

    talk to my husband face to face (sometimes many days in a row)

    and then all of you. Two special friends that like to chat online too.

    Other than that, It's getting lonely, very and I am wanting to go back

    to work at least part time to stay current. Maybe I am not as hurt or

    hurting as much but I have a day here and there when it puts me

    really out socially. so please consider.

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