Rib pain??


For the last few days I've developed rib pain: radiating from the right side side on my back! My first flare -up just keeps going (since December) and evolving every day! I've just finished 2 weeks of omeprazole with 3 x 50mg of dicloflex which I was told to reduce after that. I know it contradicts my mtx and the omeprazole knocks out my b12 😕already depleted!  Not sure what to do now. Knees hurting as well today-that's a new one! My left shoulder hasn't improved nor my wrists and hands /fingers which I'd hoped the dicloflex would help- the steroid injections I had 11th March didn't help either...I'm lost 😣

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  • Morning, I too have had pain on the left side of my lower left rib cage . I finally told my ra nurse who sent me for an X-ray this showed a pleural effusion which needed draining . Pulmonologist stated that there was not enough fluid to drain and was unsure as to why I have some sort of fluid on my lung am now waiting for a cat scan so as to diagnose what's causing it. Please report this pain to your doctor I left mine for seven months and the pain has never gone away I just put it down to muscular pain . Not knowing is very worrying . X

  • You're not lost but in so much pain it interferes with our thoughts. 

    Moljanie is right  and her story is a warning for all of us.. Please speak to a doctor. 


  • It might also be costochondriasis - inflammation of the tendon attachment points on your bottom ribs. It's common with inflammatory arthritis, esp PsA and the spondyloarthritises. nhs.uk/conditions/Tietzes-s... 

    I can't remember when you started MTX, Moomin, but if it was more than a couple of months ago, and you've still got pain and swelling, then it suggests MTX isn't working well enough for you. 

  • Hugs darling and sorry your hurting.xxxx

  • Couldnt possibly be gallstones if on right side radiating into the back Moomin? 

    Just a thought. 

    Hope you are not in too much pain there.


  • I rang the clinical nurse today- off to the docs tomorrow 😕

  • Good news and you absolutely have done the right thing! 

    Let us know how you get on and hope you have a decent nights sleep, easier said than done obviously.


  • Might take an amitriptyline as I can't have a dicloflex. ..don't want to but I must rest 😕

  • Good idea, they really used to help me doze off. So hard to relax when you are in pain. 

    Sending positive thoughts for a peaceful night.


  • Well...went to the docs this morning,  a difference one to usual, he said I don't have a chest infection.  Gave me 1 week of 30mg prednisolone daily plus 25mg amitriptyline if needed before bed. I have a question - I'm taking 10mg methotrexate every week too.  Can I drink alcohol?  I promise I'm not an alcoholic lol....but it's the weekend 😆

    Back to the docs next week. 

  • Hi Moomin, I was just coming on to find out how you were after your visit to the docs and got waylaid by a post on another thread regards someone having a persistent cough. 

    Someone on that thread replied saying they had ignored their rib pain thinking it was RA and it turned out to be sepsis from a septic gallbladder and they were very poorly indeed needing emergency treatment in hospital. 

    Well I thought immediately of you. 

    Good luck with the medication, I would have a small drink but that's just me, what would life be without it eh?

    30mg of Prednisalone is quite a high dose, will you taper off it? 

    Hope you feel much better very quickly.


  • It was a poster called Latebird Moomin talking about their rib pain. 

    On a thread called ' just a cough'

  • Well...The prednisolone got rid of the pain but it's back worse than before! All I can take now is cocodamol 😕I'm at the hospital Tuesday. Do I limp on til then? ?

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